Vermont: II Remixes 12\"

    Vermont: II Remixes 12"


  • Artist: Vermont
    Label: Kompakt
    Cat No: KOM369EP

Vermont's sophomore album II (KOMP 133CD/KOM 361LP) saw Marcus Worgull and Danilo Plessow zooming in on ambience, texture, and sonic cohesiveness. Now, II Remixes puts the beat back into the mix, thanks to Dixon, I:Cube, and Wassermann. "Dschuna" gets remixed by Dixon who proves his strong command of the dancefloor with a hypnotic ride. The instrumental version drops the chants, but retains the enchantment. I:Cube brings a distinctly Parisian touch to the spectral "Skorbut", whose sci-fi-imbued widescreen aura gets reimagined as laser-gun-wielding space funk. Wolfgang Voigt, aka Wassermann, condenses the roaming synths of "Paradigma" into pulsating trance swells.