Josco & Spheruleus: Folded Distance CD

    Josco & Spheruleus: Folded Distance CD

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  • Artist: Josco & Spheruleus
    Label: Eilean
    Cat No: EILEAN067CD

"The production of this record began in March 2011 and finished in March 2016.
Folded Distance is a record about travel, but it is also about staying where you are and staying where you feel you belong.
One of us moved around a lot and the other stayed relatively still; although we were geographically separated, we could communicate instantly across the incredible land mass between us - the more we set about weaving Josco's drones and the exotic sounds of Asia with the sleepy rustic fields of Lincolnshire and Spheruleus' instruments, the more the concept of 'folding distance' became apparent to us, and the more it became realised by us.

We settled on a mutual appreciation of maps and had the idea that folding the pages of a map or atlas would bring the two points of the two locations closer.
We were dealing with enormous distances, that 200 years ago would have felt impenetrably foreign and unreachable.
Through technology and discussion, we were able to bring the sounds and the atmospheres of these two places and our own roles within these places together.
Field recordings and track titles are taken from Thailand, Turkey, Austria, UK, Ireland and Morocco.

Over the five year recording period, both of us grew and changed.
The record is about that five year period, ourselves, the changes we went through, the places we were and how they were at that time and our communication and vision for the album during this time."
All Sounds by Josco & Spheruleus.
Recorded between 2011 & 2016. Field recordings taken in Ireland, UK, Austria, Turkey, Morocco & Thailand.
Artwork by Jonathan Smith
Mastered by Ian Hawgood
Inside Photography by Mathias Van Eecloo
Design by Rémi Verdier
Limited edition of 150 copies