Vito Ricci: Symphony For Amiga LP

“Intelligent Instruments, a new imprint co-founded by Gary Abugan of Invisible City Editions, will launch with Vito Ricci's Symphony For Amiga full-length. Ricci's prescient, weird music was brought to light last year with I Was Crossing A Bridge, an 18-track collection of his '80s productions curated by Music From Memory. That Amsterdam reissue label has been well-received among digger types, and RA's Aaron Coultate said "it's hard to imagine a package that better sums up the [Music From Memory's] purpose than I Was Crossing A Bridge." He's fallen in with another crew of avid record collectors for his latest release, namely Abugan and his friend Sanna Almajedi. Almajedi and Abugan are currently involved in an art show centered around the '80s home computer, the Commodore Amiga. Juno Plus reports the upcoming New York exhibition focuses on the Amiga's "history and usage in music." The show is called Intelligent Instruments, and the music on Symphony For Amiga was commissioned specifically for the event. Ricci made the six-track LP using Laurie Spiegel's Music Mouse program, which was coded in 1985 for Amiga Music.” - Resident Advisor