Christophe Charles + Kozo Inada: I[] LP

Ge-stell is releasing a collaborative LP for Christophe Charles and Kozo Inada, documenting the first release of recordings between the French and Japanese sound artists and long-time collaborators. Their LP i[] - named in continuity with Kozo Inada’s previous sound works - explores functions of austere minimalism and spatiotemporal irregularity. Each piece in the 53 minute program results from computer software processes, which insist on the autonomy of each individual sound particles and an absence in hierarchical structure. Since meeting at the Off-ICMC Festival in Berlin in 2000, Christophe Charles and Kozo Inada have performed several concerts together using i[] as source material, notably at Sightsonics Festival in York (UK) and Setouchi Triennale (JP). They will be exhibiting their collaborative sound works in the form of an installation at Mark Fell’s Geometry of Now in Moscow in February. Christophe Charles reflects, “In 2005, Cameron Shafii contacted me regarding my MaxMSP patch for Undirected 1986-1996. Some years later, Shafii suggested to release the i[] collaboration… the music sounds somehow atemporal, or suspended in time, like a Noh theater play which massages the audience’s brain”, to which Kozo Inada reminisces, "[our sounds] had the same smell."

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