Scald Rougish: Idioal Oifrmech LP

    Scald Rougish: Idioal Oifrmech LP

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  • Artist: Scald Rougish
    Label: Ge-Stell
    Cat No: GS007LP

Ge-stell is releasing an LP for Chris Douglas’ project Scald Rougish, marking the electroacoustic producer’s sophomore release on the San Francisco label since his Dorcha Aigeann EP as Dalglish. Chris Douglas’ Scald Rougish is intensely personal and his new album Idioal Oifrmech carries with it a range of meaning and complication. His computer-based compositions render bright, brittle passages allowing for a thorough exploration of fatigue and fracture in synthesis and digital signal processing techniques. These tracks are entangled into a web of splintering percussive patterns, arrhythmic textures and amorphous forms, titled in an asymmetrical variant of Scots Gaelic. In addition to Idioal Oifrmech, Chris Douglas is also working in conjunction with Ge-stell label owner Cameron Shafii on a forthcoming collaborative release.

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