Glochids: Water On Silver LP

    Glochids: Water On Silver LP

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  • Artist: Glochids
    Label: Lime Lodge
    Cat No: LL005LP

For Water on Silver, James Roemer brings his Glochids project out of the desert into wetter climes. Inspired by visits to tropical forests and fern-filled coastal woodlands, Roemer presents eight lush and delicate pieces that connect into a sophisticated narrative. Water on Silver contains a distinct sonic ecology; non-hierarchical layers from contrasting sources, all interdependent. Diversity strengthens; confusion instructs. Not representative of, but consistent with, the inherent dynamics of nature. A model of an idealized radical reorganization of human social power structures. MIDI composition interfaces with field recordings from a central american cloud forest, while the focused electronics at hand nearly align with a filtered kick drum heard outside the club.

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