Traversable Wormhole: Sublight Velocities 12\"

NYC's Adam X regains his 'floor traction as Traversable Wormhole with Sublight Velocities. His first Traversable Wormhole production since 2012, it's far more amped than his sewer-dwelling ADMX-71 album, Coherent Abstractions (LIES 067CD/LP, 2015). "Sublight Velocities" aims for the jugular up top, squaring off a bruising tattoo of militant kicks packing elephantine recoil while plasmic black drones stoically deplete the spirit. The coldly hypnotic "Semiclassical Gravity" rolls off the bone accentuating the groove's elliptical, rolling chassis with acidic sub-bass rubs and stepping hi-hat patterns seemingly dispersing the other side's lactic build up.

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