Various: Autistici Reworked: Resonating Wires CD

    Various: Autistici Reworked: Resonating Wires CD

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  • Artist: Various
    Label: Audiobulb
    Cat No: AB032CD

Resonating Wire started as one vibrating wire from an acoustic guitar, captured, sculptured and morphed into a buzzing pad of noise. Tiny details were added, xylophone, cello, double bass, electronics and the crumpled sound of household objects exploited and manipulated. The original track can be found on the album Complex Tone Test released on KESH. Resonating Wires sees the process start again. It is an album of remixes by talented artists. It is also an album in its own right. That one vibrating wire and all the other elements are open to intense reinterpretation.

01. Orexis - Simon Scott
02. Telephone Lullaby - Bluermutt
03. Tide Ride - Sawako
04. Remix - Jimmy Behan
05. Untitled #241 - Francisco Lopez
06. Isan Ice Later - Isan
07. First - Justin Varis
08. Remix - Ian Hawgood & Dan Norbury
09. Wire. Re - Richard Chartier
10. Chorale Mix - He Can Jog