Dva: Take It All EP 10\"

    Dva: Take It All EP 10"

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  • Artist: Dva
    Label: Hyperdub Records
    Cat No: HDB099TN

Leon Smart aka DVA returns with the ‘Take It All EP’ on 350-copy limited edition 10 inch vinyl, following 2015’s 'Allyallrecords’ EP. Continuing in a similar vein, these four tracks work with adventurous dancefloor dynamics, stop/start twitchy rhythms, and trapdoors where everything falls away leaving gaping black holes of sub bass.

Starting off with the title track, ‘Take It All’ is all sweet and sour, with gentle female vocals and synths taken by surprise by depth charge shards of low end, emphasized by punchy kettle drum kicks. 'Worst' contrasts an energetic gallop with empty spaces where the dance floor seems to drop out from beneath the dancer.

On the flip, 'Soundcheck', made with producer Simbad, is pure fire, hammering kicks and claps and vicious strafing effects with drums that sounds like they're going to implode, taking the entire track with them. Finally, Sinjin Hawke rebuilds 'Worst', building up the energy and intensity with some beefy brass stabs and tumbling arcade blips, over relentless pounding bass drums.

A1. Take It All
A2. Worst

B1. Soundcheck ft. Simbad
B2. Worst (Sinjin Hawke Remix)

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