Choral Reefr: Did It All 4 The Plushies Cassette

    Choral Reefr: Did It All 4 The Plushies Cassette

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  • Artist: Choral Reefr
    Label: Mj Mj Records
    Cat No: MJMJ035CS

MJ MJ is very proud to bring you Jess Oleson AKA Choral Reefr's label debut - DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES. It's been pretty incredible watching Jess evolve from the front woman of old school rock n' rollers The Shakin Babies into the powerhouse stoner-diva she is today. With every passing month I'd catch her at a show and see her production, vocal delivery and poise had just leveled up by like 420 XP. It's easy to just let this stone cold groove wash over you, but it is truly deserving of a deeper listen. Lyrics / phrasing / harmony is NEXT LEVEL. DID IT ALL 4 THE PLUSHIES finds a budding young R&B artist really hitting her stride. The first cut really is the deepest. Artwork by Jess Oleson, designed by Nico Stephou. Limited to 100 pro-dubbed teal cassettes with 4 panel J card in norelco case.

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