Wrnlrd: Myrmidon LP

    Wrnlrd: Myrmidon LP


  • Artist: WRNLRD
    Label: Flingco
    Cat No: FSS007LP

Myrmidon is the seventh and most ambitious album from Wrnlrd. Taking in collaborators and a host of new instruments, the reclusive Wrnlrd has devised a crushing and intrepid recording.
It's easy record a sprawling muddle and call it "experimental". Wrnlrd clarified its sound: forging riffs, tightening up rhythmically, working with other musicians, new instruments and voices. Myrmidon is the sharpest Wrnlrd album to date and also sports innovative instrumentation and arrangements.
Wrnlrd itself began recording in Dec. 2008 and wrapped in May 2009. Additional recordings were made by a second unit of musicians at Rockefeller Chapel at the University of Chicago. Thirteen songs were recorded in all. Nine made it onto the album.

This exquisite blackened gem... conjures the full spectrum of metallic elements: guttural growls and epic female (I think - is "Buccinator" a woman's name?) shrieks; riffs of classic grandeur; sun-slaying solos; and a forest of guitar thorns that close in on you at the end. It's all arranged and played with frightening power; you will find it to be quite diabolically awesome
Mike Wolf RCRDLBL October 2009

Myrmidon is haunted: not just by phantasmic EVP recordings of gurgled voices, and melodies that twist and float like bilious ectoplasm, but by grief and aggrievement. The song titles are largely associated with life's origins ("Genital," "Girl"), but the album name and much of the music connote destruction. Thrash riffs and throbbing bass give way to moans and stretches of cold quiet. Myrmidon regrows, and is cut down again.
Anthony Abboreno Invisible Oranges March 5, 2010