Suzueri+Sawada+Kawai: Licentia Poetica CD

Tin collar + Sawada ? Osamu + Kawai ? it begins (suzueri+sawada+kawai) the profile tin collar (vocal/[puripeadopiano]): From the label of Childisc and France dokidoki and Plush etc many work release. In Tikuson extending harmony in concert “10th” 2002 with [akitsuyuko] the vocal was served. This time she does not use MAX/MSP, has sung. Sawada ? Osamu (base/contra bus): Takagi Masakatsu it participates in “tie ray tie Rio” as a contra bus player. It handles also the activity with side [shiyorokurabu] which manages many works as [beshisuto] and an allene jar. This time such a that deep it can enjoy the play and music the side. Kawai ? it begins (piano/toy piano): Although being the classic field, with the personal history which you call the Kyoto university department of economics graduation ~ Tokyo art large graduate school music study major completion and changes also improvisational performance makes proud. With this album it is the important keyman, the classical element is given to music. [rekomen] and [purogure] which pass [erekutoronika]. ELEGANT DISC shoots of Serph to the world next, tin collar + Sawada ? Osamu + Kawai ? the 1st album of beginning. Quite, it has been said main person of Sawada composition “02.aLiCe” and the tin collar composition which show national health irregular cord/code advance " [rekomenpanku] " “07.Water” and “10.Four Hours In A Pub”. And as for the first hearing place as with “03.Azalea and Seguidilla” of Kawai composition, Sawada's contra bus, the vocal which is close to the scream of the tin collar fuses in the classical piano, it is fixed being, " Opera " of insanity; . Similarly, Motoya Nou saxophone solo can enjoy with Kawai composition “Weeping I Laugh”. With in strike tune Hidenobu Ito which takes charge of the mixing the computer compiles the performance material 3 and can inquire about the music which adds electronic sound. It is not the post lock, [posutorekomen] or post Canterbury sound. The magic of the sound which the [avuangiyarudo] group 3 person who receives the baptism of [purogure] to real time weaves and forms. Being fantastic, ELEGANT DISC sends strange song ones & in strike music collection. Illustration of the CD jacket the tin collar (the Musashino Art University copper engraving course graduation) has used the copper engraving with itself. In the first place, from the tin collar “we want this album, doing the mix of the album”, you question and receive the fish request and it means that I mix, but it became with the notion that where to put out from elegantdisc the tip of release is not found easily. Inquiring about [azeiria] and [segideiriya], it is wasted such an ogre air the tune where the vocal which is approached is enormous to cry and to be buried, being heard by everyone! With it was the feeling which is said. To call mix, perhaps overworking too much. It sampled on the basis of the performance data 3 in regard to in strike tune and it is something which I compiled. To here to be excessive, before mixing, “it is possible to make favorite,” that because it was said, it is not anything less than. As a result perhaps “? the one such as the favorite favorite also the insect which is eaten” the contents whose meaning is close. “The tin collar image” of my appearance is reflected. Saying, that and her the fact that “it is the artist of CHILDISC”, continued to control, 1 years which by his reveres the music of Tikuson extending harmony spends to mix, directly, it is not overstatement.

01 ?????/L'esprit d'escalier - mp3
02 aLiCe - mp3
03 ?????????????/Azalea,Seguidilla - mp3
04 ???????????/The Moon Inclines, The Wave Has Become Quiet.
05 ??????????/Weeping I Laugh
06 ???/A Way of Thinking - mp3
07 ?/Water
08 ?????????/Slibowitz
09 57???????????/The 57th Franz Kafka
10 ????4??/ Four Hours In A Pub
11.??????????(????)/Weeping I Laugh (A Cappella)
12.?????II/L'esprit d'escalier II - mp3