Pylone: Black Grains CD

The room crammed with deep, dark and sweeping noises. It felt like I was wandering in a factory, where machinesounds had passed some fantastic effectors and were sweeped throughout the atmosphere.
"Black Grains" is not your regular, a walk through the park, music album. Calling it music might even been a bit over the top. These are epic soundscapes, rumbling around in your car, livingroom or wherever you play this CD.
This cd really benefits from a large stereo of a hifi environment. The sound goes deeper, becomes more boombastic and the cripples, crackles and scratches are going right through your brain. Great.

They describe their own sound as an entire spectrum of sounds responding to or bouncing off each other in one composition that pops up with brutality from track to track, but even the faintest sounds reappear. Disturbing cracking sweeps over low-frequency whistling, sharp oscillations overshadow a continuous dripping sound. Bizarre scratching, maybe those of mechanical crickets, follow variations of tonality.
In fact I couldn't do a better description.

Maybe their next release will be tales from the Xerox, histories within a datacenter or a remake of the disaster with the exxon valdez from a machine room point of view, either way I'm looking forward to it.

composed by Pylône.
Mastered by Pascal Ianigro at Karma Studios.

Cover by Véronique Weil


1_equation part.1_5'54
2_look part.3_8'23
4_line 4_5'24

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