Unklone, Myler, Pris & Chicago Floatation Device: Various Artists Part II 12\"

“Various Artists Pt.2” follows on from 2014’s RSN002, lead by a storming track from Bleaching Agent and introduced the like of Divided and Manse. Part 2 follows brings the same energy with four sterling tracks. ‘Serial Experiment 1’ by Unklone kicks things off in full force with a pulsating lead that ebbs and flows, glittered with enchanting cries. ‘Silence Coloured In’ delves into a deeper side of Myler's sound, melding mystical synths over a clattering beat. ‘Pass’ sees Pris return with a driving track molded for the dance floor that builds and releases tension throughout. ‘Untitled 1’ shows Chicago Flotation Device at their very best, taking the listener on a journey through an analogue wasteland.

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