B£Ams: Unforthcoming Self Cassette

Brixton resident, B£AMS follows up the first volume of his £300 STERLING beat tape series with Unforthcoming Self, a ten track collection of hazy beat sketches and longer form explorations in 4x4 that make up the eleventh release on Sonic Router Records. Featuring collaborations with Hello Skinny, Adam Oko and Broshuda, the EP also follows on from Patches, the Canterbury born producer's 11 track debut which was released as a split 12" on Kit Records earlier this year. Employing a wide range of dynamic techniques across the unpredictable Unforthcoming Self, it proves very easy to catch a glimpse of B£AMS' playful persona at work within his production. In flitting so decidedly from the sprawling drones and cluttered ambience of 'Pimp Seer' and 'Always The Same' to tough, streamlined drum workouts like 'I Can't,' 'Revolutions' and 'Brush Phenotype' he proves himself adept at exploring numerous atmospheres; even transplanting Oko's soothing soulful vocals and weaving them into the poignant swathes of digitized sound on 'Garbadine.'