Killawatt: Emigre 2LP

    Killawatt: Emigre 2LP

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  • Artist: Killawatt
    Label: Osiris Music
    Cat No: OSMUK041LP

Osiris Music UK present 'emigre', the debut LP from label stalwart Killawatt. It signifies three years of stylistic evolution in his sound, from the earlier spaced out percussive dubstep into a sub-bass centred amalgamation of electronica, techno and UK aesthetics.

From Killawatt: 'There is no great story or overly pretentious concept behind this album. It's probably the most natural record I've written in so far in that it just sort of happened without really thinking about it. Most of the tracks on the LP were experiments in things like granular synthesis and weird sample processing that were never intended to become finished pieces, they were filling the space between everything I was trying to write, and all that music I was intentionally writing subsequently got scrapped! Though an unorthodox method of writing an album, it's turned out to be a fruitful, varied and very satisfying one.'

'emigre' will be released digitally, and as a double LP on orange and black marbled vinyl containing 8 of the 12 tracks from the record. A free download of the full record is also included with every physical copy.

Early support from Ben Sims, Dave Clarke, Tommy Four Seven, Mosca, DJ Pete, Clouds, Eomac, Lakker, J.Tijn, Paul Mac, Mønic, Manni Dee.

Tommy Four Seven - Congrats with the album, fresh beats and trippy sonic adventures! big up!
Dark Sky - Thanks for sending your album over. Some really interesting stuff here!
Happa - Proper love your album. It's sonically wonderful, and as a whole piece... It's just fucking wicked!
DJ Pete - Very good album! Full support!
Eomac - It's a wicked album. As I expected from Killawatt!
Mosca - Thanks for these mate! Destination Unknown is a mad sideways one! Will be supporting.