Cage Suburbia: Arguement #02 Cassette

Argument #02 is Cage Suburbia's second effort of 2014, and middle chapter of a planned trilogy of EPs. Acid, subversive and cyber-raw as ever, the duo's news creative effort still dwells as far from conventional electronic studio production as possible. Totally improvised, recorded on one stereo track through one single take, it aims to channel a provocative, reactive force by sharpening techno and jungle's harder edges. Basslines and grooves are turned into assault weapons, whose main goal is to reclaim pleasure and danger, to rob the information bank and liberate desire. The four tracks of the EP are all named after four tough port cities, four access points to the net and fractures between worlds: the initiation ground for a higher state of consciousness and a fiercer way of life.

Executed, recorded and produced by Matthias Girardi and Daniele Guerrini Out November 20. Comes in 100 hand-numbered tapes.

1. Odessa
2. Port Au Prince
3. Marseille
4. Naples