Posh Isolation

Boli Group: N.P.D.S. LP

Boli Group is a new ensemble spearheaded by Copenhagen-based composer and producer Asger Hartvig. Responsible for some of the most fearless and intriguing works to come from the city in recent years, Hartvig is as imposing as he is mysterious, and hi more info

Age Coin: Performance LP

With a handful of tapes on Posh Isolation, as well as the album Perception on Alter (ALT 013LP, 2012), Kristian Emdal and Simon Formann (aka Age Coin) have developed a project whose momentum and reputation has steadily escalated, finding common groun more info

Body Sculptures: A Body Turns to Eden LP

The formative element is the collaborative pact between Sweden's Northern Electronics and Denmark's Posh Isolation. The aesthetic singularity of the project is owed to the distinguished backgrounds of the five contributing artists. Each perspective e more info

Communions: Cobblestones 7"

Communions (brothers Martin and Mads Rehof together with Jacob van Deurs Formann and Frederik Lind Köppen) is a quartet from the same four-wall rehearsal space as Copenhagen contemporaries Iceage and Lower, and under the same roof as most of Copenha more info

Croatian Amor: Love Means Taking Action LP

LP version. Multi-faceted Copenhagen-based artist Loke Rahbek presents Love Means Taking Action under his alias Croatian Amor. It is the first full-length Croatian Amor recording since 2014's The Wild Palms, a release that was made available on casse more info

Croatian Amor: Love Means Taking Action Remixes LP

Remixes of Croatian Amor's most recent album, Love Means Taking Action (ALT 028CD/PI 180LP, 2016), as a one-off limited pressing. Features: Brynje, Age Coin, Why Be, Yen Towers, CTM, Félicia Atkinson, Drew McDowall, KYO, and Health & Safety. more info

Kyo: Aktuel Musik LP

Aktuel Musik is the second release from Danish duo Kyo (Hannes Norrvide and Frederik Valentin). Following their 2016 Posh Isolation debut, Potentiel Musik, Aktuel Musik presents eight pieces of emotive and luminesced experimentation. Utilizing electr more info

Mats Erlandsson: Valentina Tereshkova LP

Valentina Tereshkova is the debut LP by Swedish musician Mats Erlandsson. Erlandsson is an electronic composer and musician based in Stockholm, where, in addition to his artistic activities, he works as a studio assistant at Elektronmusikstudion (EMS more info

Norin: Bakom Planteringen LP

Hannes Norrvide, best known as the frontman of acclaimed synth trio Lust For Youth, presents the debut of his Norin solo project. Norin is far removed from the refined rave anthems of Lust For Youth, yet still one can sense that Båkom Planteringen t more info

Norin: Reflekterar 12"

Hannes Norrvide has had a busy year and now he is ready with the second vinyl release under his Norin guise. Reflekterar sees Norrvide further explore the textures of hazed out underwater acid. It is paired with a more aggressive DNA coding, especial more info

Puce Mary: The Spiral LP

Repressed. The Spiral is Puce Mary's third LP for Posh Isolation. It follows where 2014's critically acclaimed Persona left off. Working more precisely than ever, The Spiral binds the listener in a tight web of sharp synthesizers, hammering percussio more info

Sand Circles: Motor City Remixes 12"

Remixes of tracks from Sand Circles' Motor City by Yen Towers, Abdullah Rashim, Quiltland, and 1991. From blissed-out, droney tape works to sharp dancefloor tracks, each of the four remixes presents a beautiful elaboration and articulation of the ori more info

White Void: We're Falling 12"

White Void is the solo project of Frederik Lind Köppen, drummer of the four-piece band Communions (who debuted on Posh Isolation with Cobblestones (PI 125EP)). White Void is a different beast, distorted and unique in its compositions, and difficult more info

Yen Towers: Bidders Must Justify Their Price 12"

Yen Towers is Copenhagen's Simon Formann, known for his work as a member of Lower and Age Coin. One could describe Bidders Must Justify Their Price as a Skype meeting between the global financial system and a field recordist. The music itself is a sl more info