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Endon: Mama Cassette

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2017 cassette pressing of Endon’s “MAMA”, edition of 50. Housed in a custom letterpress black heavy stock custom tape case with insert. “It’s reckless, it’s mind warping, it’s from light years into the future of an entirely different di more info

Thou: Peasant CD

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The second full-length album from Thou, finally re-mastered and re-issued after 5 years out of print. This reissue has been meticulously reconstructed, with new and expanded artwork, and packaged in a thick gatefold jacket in the same style as all ot more info

Mowlawner: Chorus of Plague and Perversity Cassette

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Mowlawner is the dark ambient/drone project of Eric Eijspaart, who is one half of Aaderlating. Since 2007, Mowlawner has been shapeshifting in spheres of dark ambient, harsh noise, drone, and cinematic soundscapes. This tape was mastered by Maurice d more info

Soren Roi: Flood Out Cassette

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Moving on from his work as guitarist, vocalist and programmer in the now defunct RØSENKØPF, Soren expands the underlying electronic elements of his past project into the forefront as an electronic producer. This tape shows him moving out of the lea more info

Jan St. Werner: Miscontinuum Album CD

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Jan St. Werner has remained one of electronic music's most innovative and iconoclastic figures for the past two decades, changing the face of the genre several times over as a member of Mouse on Mars and Microstoria. Miscontinuum Album is the third e more info

Dan Friel: Total Folklore CD

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*EXCLUSIVE PREORDER GIVEAWAY* ALL PRE-ORDER CUSTOMERS placing orders between February 7th, 2013 and the release date of February 19, 2013 will be entered to WIN a custom, hand-crank music box that plays a continuous loop of the song "Thumper" from th more info