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Alberto Posadas: Poetics Of The Gaze CD

A major interest of the Spanish composer Alberto Posada is exploring the relationship between music, nature and mathematics. He also focuses on the connection between music and other forms of art. This portrait CD, Poetics of the Gaze, comprehensivel more info

David Grubbs & Taku Unami: Failed Celestial Creatures LP

Empty Editions present Failed Celestial Creatures, an unexpected collaboration between composer-guitarist David Grubbs (Gastr Del Sol, The Red Krayola) and Tokyo-based musician Taku Unami. Primarily recorded in Kyoto, the album takes inspiration from more info

Espen Eriksen Trio With Andy Sheppard: Perfectly Unhappy CD

Espen Eriksen Trio was formed in 2007 and released their first album in 2010. Their music relies on highly melodic and lyrical instrumentals and a "less is more" approach and is often credited for its unique voice within today's jazz scene by the int more info

Gunnar Geisse: The Wannsee Recordings 2CD

In The Wannsee Recordings, Gunnar Geisse expresses his fascination with accepting the fleetingness of the current moment and his perception of its changing nature. On the other hand, he is also attracted to the possibility of expressing and reflectin more info

Isao Nakamura: Works For Solo Percussion CD

On this CD, Isao Nakamura presents a selection of works for solo percussion which -- despite some very demanding technical passages -- do not focus primarily on technical brilliance but on clear, focused artistic ideas, as well as, in some cases, ext more info

La Fleur: Outbreaker Ep 12"

La Fleur's Outbreaker EP arrives just in time to curb any impatience you might have waiting for her signature blend of house and techno aesthetics with modern production techniques. La Fleur kicks things off with a wild heaving bass line and crisp, d more info

Morton Feldman: Turfan Fragments CD

2018 repress; originally released in 2001 by the Dog W/A Bone label, this release features these 2 long pieces: For Samuel Beckett and The Turfan Fragments. Performed by: The Orchestra of the S.E.M. Ensemble, with Petr Kotik, conductor. For Samuel Be more info

Ooooo & Islamiq Grrrls: Faminine Mystique CD

The album is a collaboration between oOoOO and Islamiq Grrrls. The album's title -- Faminine Mystique -- is an allusion to the Betty Friedan book Feminine Mystique (1963) that inspired the second wave feminist movement in the US. Freidan said that wh more info

Phil Minton & Ici Ensemble: Say Yes. Till No. CD

What Phil Minton is able to create with nothing but his voice -- those, as Bert Noglik puts it, "simply unbelievable and uncanny sounds for which nothing comparable exists, far and wide" -- seems to lie beyond what it is possible. He is the indisputa more info

The Wire: #412 June 2018 Mag

"On the cover: Laurie Anderson (More active now than ever, the multimedia artist and performer discusses a career marked by hybridity, borderless networks and a new interest in virtual reality). Inside the issue: Cecil Taylor (When the revolutionary more info

Trrma: Trrma CD

Trrmà, an instrumental duo formed by Giovanni Todisco (percussion) and Giuseppe Candiano (synths), present a self-titled record. The record is composed of five movements that mix acoustic percussion with synthesis. Symphonic and Mediterranean percus more info

VA: Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music CD

Flowers From The Ashes: Contemporary Italian Electronic Music is the latest multi-artist project to bear the acclaimed Stroboscopic Artefacts imprimatur. There is a sensibility of decadence and corroded grandeur etched within the album, reminding you more info

VA: Warsaw's Jewish Mermaid: Syrena Recordings From The Orvomaa Archive 1909-1933 CD

In conjunction with the Music Archive Finland, Renair Records announce another disc in their series exploring the history of Jewish recorded music. Until its destruction during the War, Warsaw, together with Berlin, was at the cultural and intellectu more info

Basil Kirchin: I Start Counting! LP

Sublime unreleased score for the weird cult/brutalist thriller I Start Counting! (1970). Charming, odd, and affecting score by Basil Kirchin, made "in association" with his regular cohorts, Jack Nathan and John A. Coleman. The film was directed by th more info

Cecilia: Adoration LP

Adoration is the restrained yet ravishing début album by Mélissa Gagné, aka CECILIA, a Rome-based Montreal artist who previously lit up two songs on Rabit's Les Fleurs Du Mal album (HALC 016LP, 2017), released an EP for Yves Tumor's label (2017), more info

Che-Shizu: A Journey 2LP

Black Editions present the first ever vinyl release of Ché-SHIZU's signature album A Journey, originally issued in 1994 by Tokyo's legendary P.S.F. Records. Ché-SHIZU is one of the most original and mystifying groups to ever emerge from the Tokyo u more info

Francis Bebey: Psychedelic Sanza 1982-1984 2LP

2018 repress. Double LP version with printed inner sleeve. Born Bad Records presents the music of Cameroonian musician Francis Bebey, circa 1982-1984. "The first time I saw a sanza (a type of African 'thumb piano'), it was just sitting there on a pie more info

Gabor Lazar: Unfold LP

Techno mutant Gábor Lázár morphs two-step and warped electropes with futuristic tension and torsion on Unfold, the Hungarian artist's first solo double LP for The Death Of Rave. The eight-track album follows a busy 2017 for Gábor in which he rele more info

Gaussian Curve: Clouds LP

2018 repress. Music from Memory's fourth release sees the Amsterdam-based label taking an exciting sidestep with the release of Clouds. It's the debut album from Gaussian Curve, a collaboration between Italian ambient pioneer Gigi Masin, Land of Ligh more info

Head Technician: Profane Architecture LP

Pye Corner Audio morphs into Head Technician mode for the project's brooding second sojourn with Ecstatic. Taking inspiration from his fascination with Brutalist construction, Martin Jenkins exclusively uses Roland TR-606, MC-202, and TB-303 boxes pl more info

Hesychia: Metanoia CD

"New project by Austrian Arthur Rosar (former member of Abigor, Walser...). The album is a meditation on freedom from all passions (apatheia) and repentance (metanoia) through fundamental concepts established by early christian mysticism (the desert more info

J. Albert: Envy Turned Curiosity Ep 12"

Four tracks from J. Albert. J. Albert runs the Exotic Dance Records label with Person Of Interest. more info

Jacques Thollot: More Intra Musique LP

Produced in collaboration with the legendary Jac Berrocal's label d'Avantage, More Intra Musique is the second LP in Alga Marghen's series dedicated to previously unreleased recording by the drummer and experimentalist Jacques Thollot. While the furi more info

La Femme: Psycho Tropical Berlin 2LP

2018 repress. French indie-rock band La Femme is a conundrum -- an episodic band with various faces. La Femme was born during the X years in Biarritz, France, when Sasha and Marlon started composing music on their guitars and recording it onto Garage more info

Luc Ferrari: Atelier De Liberation De La Musique LP

Alga Marghen present recordings from Luc Ferrari's Atelier De Libération De La Musique, a collective he created together with Martin Davorin Jagodic, Philippe Besombes, and Alain Petit in 1975 for a series of performances at the Galliera Museum in P more info

Lybes Dimem: Syncleft Chronem LP

Lybes Dimem is a project by visual artist and musician Lukas Rehm. With a focus on digital sound design, elaborate beat structures, and the use of error, the music plays with cognitive phenomena and abstraction while maintaining an emotional refuge. more info

Mark Van Hoen: Invisible Threads CD

Mark Van Hoen on Invisible Threads: "In mid-2016 I did a brief tour of the west coast with Philip Jeck, Simon Scott, Daniel Mensche, Lee Bannon, Kara-Lis Coverdale, Pye Corner Audio, and Marcus Fischer. The music of all these great artists and the ex more info

Max Cooper: Balance 030 2cd

Max Cooper's blend of the artistic and scientific schools of thought have steadily built him up to become one of the standout electronic musicians of his generation. His left-of-center approach makes for a truly timeless mix for the 30th edition of t more info

Meyers: Struggle Artist LP

Struggle Artist is the new album from Justin C. Meyers, the Minneapolis-based composer, artist, and head of the Sympathy Ltd. label. Meyers is a unique, underappreciated talent in contemporary electronic music. His greatest strengths are twofold: his more info

Near Future: Ideal Home LP

LP version. Near Future is the collaboration between Blancmange's Neil Arthur and solo electronic artist Bernholz. Files were swapped, sounds, and lyrics re-wired, and Ideal Home is the gloriously minimal result. The album is icy and detached; beauti more info

Ooooo & Islamiq Grrrls: Faminine Mystique LP

LP version. The album is a collaboration between oOoOO and Islamiq Grrrls. The album's title -- Faminine Mystique -- is an allusion to the Betty Friedan book Feminine Mystique (1963) that inspired the second wave feminist movement in the US. Freidan more info

Pali Mersault: Stridulations LP

Pali Meursault is a sound artist, composer, and sound designer. His electroacoustic and sound art research takes different shapes: compositions for records, radio works, installations, or performances. Environmental sound recording is central in his more info

Pierre Sandwidi: Le Troubadour De La Savane - 1978/1982 LP

LP version. Printed undersleeve. A few years before Upper Volta changed its name to Burkina Faso, thanks to Thomas Sankara's dream of a new society, Voltaic music emerged as some kind of true cultural revolution in the wake of the country's independe more info

Raison D'etre: Alchymeia CD

"It's with great honour that we present the latest album by Swedish dark ambient stalwart Raison D'être. This time Peter Andersson scrutinizes the paths of Carl Gustav Jung's notions of archetypes and the individuation process. Just like Mise en Aby more info

Shedir: Falling Time CD

"First solo work by Italian musician Martina Betti. Falling Time is an aural ticket to a non-place. Swirling ambient sounds made of processed field recordings converge into a richly textured and harmonically layered narrative. The tracks scan the pha more info

Strafe F.R.: The Bird Was Stolen CD

Based in Düsseldorf, Germany, Strafe Für Rebellion, or Strafe F.R., is a long-term collaboration between the artists Bernd Kastner and Siegfried M. Syniuga, which started in 1979. After a long period of hibernation, The Bird Was Stolen marks their more info

Terre Thaemlitz/Dj Sprinkles: Deproduction Ep2 LP

The second vinyl EP from Terre Thaemlitz's first album in five years Deproduction features its two bonus tracks: "Admit It's Killing You (And Leave) (Piano Solo)" and DJ Sprinkles' corresponding "Dead End" deep house mix. Presenting vinyl versions of more info

The Ivytree: Unburdened Light LP

The Ivytree, as some may know, is the project of San Franciscan musician Glenn Donaldson. In the early 2000s Glenn was a founder of the Jewelled Antler Collective, forming such projects as The Blithe Sons, Thuja, and The Skygreen Leopards, among many more info

Thomas Fehlmann/Terrence Dixon: We Take It From Here 2LP

Tresor Records present a new commission, bringing together two of its most time-honored contributors. Berlin's Thomas Fehlmann and Detroit's Terrence Dixon came together in Detroit to produce this expressive album. An avant-premiere live performance more info