Andrea Ricci: Mainarde Cassette

Dedicated to the hermetic element Air with its relative symbolic number two, Mainarde is an intense five­-parts sonic reminiscence of Ricci’s native­born land, released by Dromoscope Editions as third chapter of the Antidigital Series. Young bril more info

Herd: Arteater LP

Ambitious and captivating; expansive, textured and unique, this is Herd’s ‘Arteater’. Since we began our record label, like the radio show and blog from which it spawned, we’ve never been just one style, one sound. And this, this record, clea more info

Lofhaus: Alive With Pleasure Cassette

"What are you doing later?" A question most people will ask at least once in their lives in a desperate attempt to engage in the most primal of activities. Whether for means of satisfaction, domination or fantasy, the simple act that helped forge our more info

VA: Vault Series 019 12"

Tracklist: A1 - Andrejko & Subjected - Fanat A2 - Escape To Mars - Intergalactic Error B1 - Sawlin - Animated Circus B2 - Mistake Made - Inversion more info

Gaja: Modern Passivity 12"

Berlin-based Repitch artist Gaja runs Ophism, a label oriented to raw industrial inspired techno. Modern urban and suburban views are composed by monotonous, repetitive sequences and simple elements, focused on the mechanical landscape of factories, more info

Skrip: Abrasion Marks Cassette

Next release on 'La Notte di Architetto' tape label - limited edition c20 cassette by Skripp. Dark droning analogue soundscapes, deeper and deeper. more info

Cage Suburbia: Arguement #02 Cassette

Argument #02 is Cage Suburbia's second effort of 2014, and middle chapter of a planned trilogy of EPs. Acid, subversive and cyber-raw as ever, the duo's news creative effort still dwells as far from conventional electronic studio production as possib more info

Oddgrad: Hard-Core Plastic Cassette

Most of the time, plastic surgery is used to adapt one's body to codified models of beauty. It is an instrument of conformity and social acceptance. Still, it is visible and becomes a signifier of social violence. At the same time, disaster can happe more info