Megatraveller: Vs Endboss Cassette

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Megatraveller aka Acid Quiff / Art Brunell / Master Jet The Destroyer returns to CPU with his second long play (c90) cassette for the label - Megatraveller vs Endboss. Megatraveller wonderfully saturates the whole LP with his signature straight to ta more info

No-Man: Heaven Taste 12"

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British art-rock band No-Man (Tim Bownes & Stewen Wilson w Mick Karn, Richard Barbieri, Steve Jansen, Ben Coleman) recorded Heaven Taste in the studio sessions in summer 1992. It got first released as a complete 21 mins version on Painting Paradise E more info

Rhythmic Theory: Circulation 2LP

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It’s heartening to see an artist strike upon an idea, an aesthetic, an approach of some kind, and channel that into a cohesive catalogue of work, not least when it’s one of your mates. To the outside world Rhythmic Theory appears to operate with more info

Baron Retif & Concepcion Perez: Navette LP

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Navettes’ is the debut LP from Baron Retif & Concepción Perez (BR&CP). After releasing three records with Musique Large (home to Debruit, Laurent Garnier and Fulgeance) as well as with parisian label Heavenly Sweetness and assorted remixes and rap more info

Paradox Obscur: Anacrusis LP

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Peripheral Minimal is proud to announce the forthcoming, Paradox Obscur album. 'Anacrusis' - now available for pre-order. This is their second album and their first on a full-length LP. 'Anacrusis' is a massive dark monument full of analog tendencies more info

Bxentric: Patch Valley 12"

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Bxentric ends the year with a second release 'Patch Valley' on his newly launched label Nanda Records, continuing on from the 'Chrome' EP released in July this year. Coming from a DJ background and having had successful releases on esteemed labels Es more info

Cousin: Ruff Draft 12"

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New 2 Track 12" release from Cousin for Swamp 81 sublabel, 81. Mastered at Metropolis more info

Ishmael: Sometime In Space LP

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Ishmael returns with his second offering for church, this time his debut full length 'Sometime In Space'. more info

Bit-Tuner: A Bit of Light LP

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In his energy-driven music and concerts, Switzerland based artist Bit-Tuner oscillates between Bass Music, Electronica and Techno, while he pulls his tracks together to become a gloomy, but euphoric bass monster. Bit-Tuner stands for heavy beats, blo more info

Federsen: Rose Bay 12"

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San Fransisco meets NYC for the third release on Fifth Interval. Rose Bay from Federsen sets the tone for the record: drenched in tape hiss, the warm pads and delays create a richly textured environment for deeper club sets or for 2am sessions on hea more info

Gerardo Frisina: Olympia EP LP

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One year after the release of his fifth studio album “Movement”, Gerardo Frisina comes back with a new EP: 5 tracks that outline his current sound. Call it latin jazz dance if you will, but these tracks display subtleties, indications of differen more info

Katsunori Sawa: Secret of Silence 12"

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Following the "Peace Obscured" EP by BOKEH, his joint venture with Anthone, Katsunori Sawa sets yet another mark on The Weevil Neighbourhood with his first full-length solo artist album on the label. Titled "Secret of Silence" the eight tracks-spanni more info

Liviana Ferri: Ye Maya E / Confiance La Musique 12"

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Starting from Liviana’s vocals and percussions, with “Ye Maya E” Gerardo arranged and produced a 3-track EP that perfectly transmits the powerful vibration of afrocuban music. A solid horn section, enthralling percussion sounds and a clubby att more info

Madegg: New LP

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NEW is the third full-length album from the young Kyoto based producer Kazumichi Komatsu aka Madegg. Hailing from Kyoto, Kazumichi Komatsu, Madegg is a rising star in the Japanese electronic music scene. Moving freely between dubstep, chillwave, hous more info

Piero Umiliani E La Sua Orchestra: Fischiando In Beat LP

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Originally released in 1969, “Fischiando in beat” presents twelve gems of instrumental beat music, fabulous specimen of that music genre often labelled with the much-abused term ‘lounge’ – or ‘easy listening’, if you prefer. Forget abou more info

B£Ams: Unforthcoming Self Cassette

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Brixton resident, B£AMS follows up the first volume of his £300 STERLING beat tape series with Unforthcoming Self, a ten track collection of hazy beat sketches and longer form explorations in 4x4 that make up the eleventh release on Sonic Router Re more info

Herva: Dreamers of Unknown Tales 12"

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Herva, of Delsin, Kontra, MOS and All City fame, offers another set of forward-thinking dancefloor bombs. Across four tracks this young Italian demonstrates his unique interpretation of the past and the future again and again. Herva is the artist nam more info

I.A. Bericochea: Wake Up 12"

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Spanish producer I.A. Bericochea has been hiding his talents in the shade for some time now. Idle Hands boss Chris Farrell first came across his productions many moons ago when he released two of the finest 12"s on the m_nus label and a superb self r more info

VA: Astro:Dynamics CD

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The inaugural release on the label that has since spawned artists such as Vessel, 1991, Best Available Technology and more. The 16 track compilation, imaginatively titled Astro:Dynamics, was released in June 2010 and featured all previously unrelease more info