Aries Mond: Come On Let's Wait CD

Boris Billier is a french musician based in the Pyrenees mountains in southern France. He started to compose with environmental sound recordings in 2002. He toured with different solo projects, playing "acousmatic" concerts. He often collaborated wit more info

Ben Rath: Black Heart Music CD

Ben Rath is an amateur musician currently based in Manchester, UK. He makes experimental, ambient music using original recordings of guitar, keyboard and piano, as well as samples and field recordings. He has been recording and releasing music throug more info

Benjamin Finger: Scale Of Blindness CD

Benjamin Finger is a composer, electronic music producer, DJ, photographer and film-maker based in Oslo, Norway. Since his 2009 debut solo album “Woods of Broccoli", he has produced a prolific output of films and music with a healthy disregard for more info

Emmanuel Witzthum: Songs Of Love And Loss CD

Emmanuel Witzthum - violist, composer, multidisciplinary artist, and lecturer. Studied at the Manhattan School of Music, NYC with Michael Tree of the Guarneri Quartet. Performed with numerous orchestras such as the Orpheus Chamber Orchestra in NYC, t more info

Jacek Doroszenko: Wide Grey CD

Jacek Doroszenko is an audio-visual artist, treating sound phenomena as a legitimate material of visual art and highlighting listening as a practice. The artist engages with the contemporary soundscape to select and rephrase the notion of noise as re more info

Ljerke: Ljerke CD/DVD

Ljerke is : Romke Kleefstra – guitar, effects Sytze Pruiksma – percussion, dulcimer and guitar with effects Alexander Rishaug – electronics Hilde Marie Holsen – trumpet and effects Michael Francis Duch - contrabass Jan Kleefstra – poetry, v more info

Matthias Urban: Passagen CD

Glass mastered replicated disc in matte jacket. Includes bandcamp download code for up to 24bit/48khz HD audio files. Available digitally via experimedia.bandcamp.com. For each purchase 10 trees will be planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in an ef more info

Pascal Savy: Disclocations CD

Glass mastered replicated disc in matte jacket. Includes bandcamp download code for up to 24bit/48khz HD audio files. Available digitally via experimedia.bandcamp.com. For each purchase 10 trees will be planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in an ef more info

Sonmi451: Panta Rei CD

Sonmi451 is Bernard Zwijzen, creating his own blend of atmospheric ambient music from the city of Hasselt Belgium. His music is perhaps best described as a hybrid between subtle, shimmering electronica and delicate soundscapes. Every Sonmi451 track i more info

Sruti: Heard, Unspoken CD

?ruti is the collaboration between Egyptian experimental musicians Omar El Abd (Omrr) & Mohammed Ashraf (Pie Are Squared). "Heard, Unspoken" is their debut album, created over the past two years between Cairo, Egypt & Ravenna, Italy. more info

Former Selves: Forgiveness Circles Cassette

Former Selves is Paul Skomsvold. Known for his distinctive brand of homegrown and deeply considered new age compositions as Former Selves, Skomsvold returns to Patient Sounds (Sunyata came out in 2013) with a new collection of shimmering and pensive more info

Naps: I Do This For The Ocean Cassette

Returning to PS after the stunning Checking Out Early in 2016, naps, aka Jason Calhoun, offers a new collection of sine wave whispers. Equally melancholic and peaceful, the sound of naps is signature and consistent, but Calhoun finds new ways to bury more info

The Fun Years: A Heart To Heart About Our Values Cassette

The Fun Years tune into a sobering radio station where gently oscillating drones are fed through to the listener over a pensive, long wave. There aren’t any instantaneous, kicking drums or overdriven power chords, although the long drone does pick more info

VA: One Instrument Volume 01 LP

"A new label called One Instrument will launch next year, putting out music made with just a single instrument. One Instrument aims to highlight ambient, techno and experimental sounds, and each artist involved is encouraged to be as creative as poss more info

Celer + Forest Management - Landmarks Cassette

“Constellation Tatsu has become such a reliable and punctual source of ambient, drone, and all sounds miscellaneous, that I’ve begun to set my watch to the release of their cassette batches. The latest, dropping February 5, features a clutch tape more info

Hakobune - Parhelion Cassette

“ Japanese drone/ambient maestro Hakobune (Takahiro Yorifuji) knows a thing or two about conjuring the right mood. Yorifuji’s long-running project never rushes the vibe, opting for lengthy, textured pieces of guitar and a briefcase full of effect more info

memorygarden - district Cassette

A track from the album district??????? by memorygarden out now on Constellation Tatsu. Part of Constellation Tatsu's winter batch. Cassette format. more info

MJ Lallo: Star Child 12"

MJ Lallo sings to trees and distant planets, plays drum machines, synthesizers and processes her voice to sound like percussion, space ships, trumpets, birds and words from an unknown language. Lallo works in post-production music and SFX, and founde more info

Rose - Transferance Cassette

Transference cassette by Rose out now on Constellation Tatsu. Part of Constellation Tatsu's winter batch. more info

Vito Ricci: My Little Life Book + Cassette

My Little Life is a collection of short stories by composer, musician and near draft-dodger Vito Ricci about his experiences in New York City, Mexico and Vietnam in the late 60s. An outspoken pacifist, Ricci struck a deal with the US army and ended u more info

Francisco Meirino & Bruno Duplant: Dedans / Dehors CD

As with Luc Ferrari, it is an assemblage of recorded sequences in which we recognize a succession of various events and we reconstruct in our imaginary a possible narrative that may have been at the origin of these sounds. This is not the sound lands more info

Haarvol, Jos Smolders & Machinfabriek: Dream Sequences Volume 1: Orphax reframed CD

This compilation is the first in a new series where other musicians are inspired by and reinterpret the music of Orphax; and more specifically, his Dream Sequence series. Dream Sequences is a continuous series of experimental ambient / drone pieces w more info

Heejin Jang: Trouble in the Camp Cassette

Cassette of Heejin Jang's album 'Trouble in the Camp' album on Doom Trip Records. Run of 100 Professionally duplicated High-bias Chrome Cassettes with 2-Sided Full Color 4-panel J-Cards. more info

Masayuki Imanishi: Worn Tape CD

After several previous albums and collaborations with musicians such as Leif Elggren, Kouhei Matsunaga, Vampillia and The Body, with Worn Tape Japanese musician Masayuki Imanishi presents his first work for Moving Furniture Records. On this album he more info

Max Eilbacher: Electronic Music Tape Cassette

Self released tape from Max Eilbacher featuring 60 minutes of synthesis. "Synthesis recorded, sequenced and mixed at various studios, green rooms, the back of a few vans throughout Europe and my parent's basement 2016-2017." Side A: 1 Untitled asymme more info

Mukqs: ????? Cassette

Run of 125 Professionally Duplicated Cassettes - Chrome Plus Tape Full-color double-printed J Cards Purple tapes with black ink imprints "His new record is even more groove-oriented, with the fullest, most pristine sound he has achieved yet. Like its more info

Tasos Stamou: Caveman LP

“Caveman” is a recorded representative sample of Tasos Stamou’s live sound. Both tracks are complete extracts of improvised solo performances using his portable electroacoustic music studio. Both tracks have been carefully selected for their so more info

Wilted Woman: Trapezoid Tappers Cassette

First release from Ren Schofield's (Container) new Plastic Bag imprints. This one a cassette by Wilted Woman of wonked out cheap synth and drum machine werbles. C52 out now pro duplicated chrome cassettes with hand silkscreened covers. more info

Zeno van den Broek: Paranon CD

Paranon consists of two compositions based on parameter canons of sine wave generators. The canon is a counterpoint-based compositional technique that creates one or more imitations of a musical movement after a given duration. These imitations repli more info

K. Leimer: Mitteltoner LP

Inspired by a longstanding respect for the pioneering sounds of Cluster, Neu!, Harmonia & John Foxx, the legendary K. Leimer fuses tape loops, Moog tones and a variety of real and imagined instruments throughout his album ‘Mitteltöner,’ an immer more info

Koenraad Ecker: A Biology Of Shadows LP

Gatefold LP with Download Code. Edition of 300. Vinyl was mastered & Cut at D&M. Liquid spaces, porous boundaries, unstable relationships – the possibility of transformation pervades A Biology of Shadows, Koenraad Ecker’s third full-length album. more info

Dominic Coppola: Honeymoon Phase Cassette

Dominic Coppola's guitar-derived ambient bliss fields always explore softer territory. Relying heavily on muted, buried sounds that he patiently sifts out of cassette four track-manipulated refractions, themes of romance, fragility, memory and optimi more info

Futuro de Hierro: Paso En El Vacio LP

Futuro de Hierro's second album "Paso en el Vacío". Co-released with Opal Tapes, UK. composed and mixed by Viktor L. Crux recorded by Pablo Miranda at La Isla mastered by Stephen Bishop (Opal Tapes) artwork by Leon Ka design by Cassandra Dada MR_013 more info

Noah Creshevsky: Reanimator LP

Noah Creshevsky is an early pioneer of electronic and collage music who has been composing since 1971. He was trained by Luciano Berio at Juilliard and Nadia Boulanger in Paris, collaborated with John Cage on the track “In other words” for the EM more info

Persuasion: Quatermass EP 12"

Formerly operating as Stefan Jós, Persuasion is the new moniker of Montreal based producer Devon Hansen. It follows an earlier split release with his hometown friend Austin Cesear on Opal Tapes and issues through the Japanese Flau/Raum axis. On this more info

Profligate: Somewhere Else LP

Noah Anthony walks the line between dark pop and noise on the new Profligate LP, Somewhere Else. In doing so, he weaves minimal beats, synthesizer, electric bass, hushed vocals and sheets of droning noise into something larger than the sum of its par more info

Sciahri: Behind the Line 12"

Sciahri's Behind The Line EP from Opal Tapes sublable Black Opal. Track durations and BPM not provided. BPM: A1: 128 | A2: 131 B1: 132 | B2: 130 more info

The Guerrilla Art Action Group: Action-Interview at WBAI Radio Station-N.Y. LP

We are happy to announce the release of an LP by The Guerrilla Art Action Group titled Action-Interview at WBAI Radio Station-N.Y. The recording documents a live action/interview by the group on January 5, 1970 on the progressive radio station WBAI. more info

VA: The Harvest of a Quiet Eye 2xCassette

Fantastic double cassette compilation from Opal Tapes. Solid all the way through. Amazing looking edition. Fully printed tape shells and inner U-card illustrations designed by Noah Brown. U-card cover design by Darren Adcock / Suk Ninmyo 1. Angelo Ha more info

Aaron Martin: A Room Now Empty CD

Aaron Martin’s album A Room Now Empty sees him returning to the memory-based recordings of previous albums such as Almond , River Water and Chautauqua , where layered meanings in the music and titles don’t allow a single clear-cut reading of the more info