Cage Suburbia: Arguement #02 Cassette

Argument #02 is Cage Suburbia's second effort of 2014, and middle chapter of a planned trilogy of EPs. Acid, subversive and cyber-raw as ever, the duo's news creative effort still dwells as far from conventional electronic studio production as possib more info

Gonzo: Ark Eulogy Cassette

*ORDER ANY TITLE FROM DISCREPANT THROUGH JANUARY 31ST AND RECEIVE A FREE LIMITED EDITION MYSTERY 7" FROM DISCREPANT* Another tape collage from Gonzo this time dwelling and scavenging the depths of holy relics, 'arkeological' artefacts and associated more info

Oddgrad: Hard-Core Plastic Cassette

Most of the time, plastic surgery is used to adapt one's body to codified models of beauty. It is an instrument of conformity and social acceptance. Still, it is visible and becomes a signifier of social violence. At the same time, disaster can happe more info

Poly Fannies: Athom Afternan Cassette

*ORDER ANY TITLE FROM DISCREPANT THROUGH JANUARY 31ST AND RECEIVE A FREE LIMITED EDITION MYSTERY 7" FROM DISCREPANT* POLY-FANNIES is the duo of David Meunier aka Naan (South Of No North) and Thomas Giry (TSEG) a duo of drummers focussing on the wild more info

The Hydra (DIMITRIS Papadatos): On Troubleshooting Cassette

The title is inspired by Papadatos' parallel work as a visual artist, art director and graphic designer and is in fact an intended tongue-in-cheek pun, towards all the jobs he finalized but never got paid for. In The Metaphysical Animal, Papadatos pr more info

Aaron Hawn: Ghunz Cassette

First solo recording by Aaron Hawn, ex-bassist bassist for Mythical Beast (NotNotFun). A collection of textures and moods as a portrait of life and death. Written during his departure from New Orleans and his arrival in the Mojave desert. Recorded in more info

Street Thunder: Galaxies Cassette

From the deepest and blackest part of space/time comes Galaxies, a completely different set of compositions from last years Bonfire Gecko Hex but told in Street Thunder's unique, overloaded language. Heavy doses of amplifier worship hint at a very pr more info

Pale Earth: Sun Tribes Cassette

Pale earth is benjamin thompson. This latest offering from pale earth explores the worlds of human interaction illuminated by cold, hard streetlights and hazy late night computer screens. it is here, sounds from the digital world are nuzzled and cajo more info

Chupame El Dedo: St Cassette

*ORDER ANY TITLE FROM DISCREPANT THROUGH JANUARY 31ST AND RECEIVE A FREE LIMITED EDITION MYSTERY 7" FROM DISCREPANT* Introducing Chúpame El Dedo (suck my finger), a new group formed by Eblis Álvarez (Meridian Brothers, Los Pirañas, Frente Cumbiero more info

Jeremy Bible: The Journey of Enoch Cassette

*C78 pro-dubbed and printed. Early work recorded 1998-2000. Repress of the 2011 reissue that sold out immediately with new covers for this 2014 repress edition.* "The Journey of Enoch is ambient apocrypha—dark, dirty synthesizer soundscapes built f more info

Wes Tirey / Andrew Weathers: Split Cassette

Wes Tirey has teamed up with North Carolinian Andrew Weathers to put out an experimental folk/drone split on Scissor Tail Records. Tirey’s track, ‘My Grandfather’s 12 Gauge,’ is the shorter of the two, despite clocking in at over ten minutes. more info

Anton Mobin: Silniejszym Od Bomb Cassette

"Silniejszym Od Bomb" is the complete audio journal from my first travels to Warsaw, Poland in August 2013. It's a cassette sound diary recorded on micro-cassette and a series of cassette compositions. I recorded sounds with three different recorders more info

Aaron Sheppard: Agent Cassette

Agent is multi-instrumentalist Aaron Sheppard's 3rd proper release and first for Dub Ditch Picnic. Using synths, guitar, and sometimes the combination of the two, Sheppard creates a proper minimalist ambient vibe that often conjures up images similar more info

Crabskull: Keep The Evil Away Cassette

Ever since we released the Jovian Black Opera tape a few years ago - we've been huge fans of all theings Crabskull. Last Spring I was riding with Chrys & talking about future Crabskull projects and we got on the topic of Fletcher Pratt's Dub Series. more info

Crabskull: Plegm Bomb Tricks Cassette

2nd a trio of Crabskull c90s - Phelgm Bomb Trick$ is the logical follow up to Chrys' self released Phlegm Rock Vol. 1 cs. While he essentially sold this to us as a collection of "trap beats" - it's so so so much more than that. This collection of ins more info

Hafner: Gentleman's Hang Club Cassette

Hafner is Jake Finn - a one man post punk dirge noise band that all at once throws us back to drinking twofisted pitchers (!!!!) of beer while checking out the most obnoxious post hardcore hate that AmRep and Touch and Go could send north. Oh the 90s more info

Krautheim II: Die Tauschende Optik Cassette

1971.035 Krautheim - Die Tauschende Optik c40 Ed. of 40 more info

Moon: Self Titled Cassette

We stumbled upon these East Coast Kraut-poppers quite by accident. After hearing some rough mixes of tracks that had leaked out to the internet via Weird Canada, we were smitten. Side A's offrings: Stained Glass & Card Crane Ha consists transition fr more info

SnaiLPoison: Live In The Hatnhimen Cassette

3rd of trio of Crabskull releated c90s, Live in the Hatnhimen Caves - is full on techno. The shortest track is in the 9 minute range - so that's plenty of space to chill out and melt into these full of creeped out Crab vibes. Duplicated in real time more info

Bespoken: Plays Nick Storring & Daniel Brandes Cassette

C80. Violin, autoharp, cello, (toy) piano, kalimba, melodica, pitch pipe, bird call and others crawl together through pastoral realms, trading soft beauty for strange weather as their journey takes them deeper. Over two long-form pieces, a musical co more info

Anduin: Richmond Tape Club Volume Four Cassette

Developed from some of the sounds and themes used in a series of installation performances titled "Sketches of the Lesser Death," these are the first new tracks from Jonathan Lee's Anduin since 2012's Stolen Years LP. It's the beginning of a dream na more info

Elian: Richmond Tape Club Volume Three Cassette

Created between November 2012 and May 2013, these are the first new tracks from Michael Duane Ferrell's Elian project since 2011. Originally recorded and arranged on computer, each track was then signaled out to external effects and accompanied by sy more info

Grizzly Imploded: You Are The Way You Face Your Death Cassette

Edition of 70 Hand Letter-pressed & Pro Dubbed Cassettes Grizzly Imploded is... Francesco Gregoretti | drums Maurizio Argenziano | guitar Sergio Albano | guitar Drawing and Letter-press by Dylan Aycock Recorded between March 2012 and December 2012 at more info

Nathan Mclaughlin: Karen Studies Cassette

Sweet Mother Karen Dalton, the voice of an angel and the sharp edge only a hard life in the country can give you. These meditations are for you....a study on those time tested melodies....a reflection on what might have been driving you....a ruminati more info

Faangface: Pholk Cassette

The long-awaited debut from Joshua Maxon Novak's (Mousecop, Griefhound, XXX Super Arcade) concrète folk conjuration, Faangface. Hyperdimensional folk portraits soaked in ether and Robotussin, carried by wandering ectoplasmic golems through melting l more info

Mousecop: Greatest Hits Volume 2 Cassette

Debut tape from Mousecop sees the duo of Joshua Novak (Faangface, Griefhound) and Curt Brown (Black Unicorn, Cane Swords) going beyond thunderdome. Organic, synthetic, and processed sounds mingle in the uncanny valley, briefly forming structures dism more info

Jackie-O Motherfucker: Hello Cassette

In 2000, Jackie-O Motherfucker changed the soundscape of experimental music with their landmark album Fig. 5. After a decade of touring Europe, gracing the cover of Wire magazine, and continually reinventing a sound that has been tagged by critics on more info

Jason Kahn: In Place: Daitoku-Ji + Shibuya Crossing Cassette

Since 2011 I've been developing a series of works entitled "In Place," in which I address the process of what transpires when I go to a place to make a recording. Of course, I come away with a recording of something. I've made my catch of material or more info

Negative Gemini: Richmond Tape Club Volume One Cassette

Negative Gemini is the solo project of musician Lindsey French. Using various synths and a vocal loop pedal, she layers new wave-inspired melodies and beats underneath brooding lyrics that at times become abstracted in canorous trances amongst ambien more info

Slow News Day In The Vampire World: Richmond Tape Club Volume Two Cassette

Slow News Day In The Vampire World is the ambient dub project of recording engineer / producer John Morand and his wife, artist Tara Morand. Mainly utilizing a DJX, drum machine, and turntable, this EP also features edited live inputs from Stephen Vi more info

Blouse (U.S.A.): Tammy's Beans Cassette

Seattle musician Blouse (u.s.a.) (Benjamin Thomas-Kennedy, drummer for Lesbian and Fungal Abyss) has a new album, Tammy"s Beans. With help from Nathan Smurthwaite, Ryan Weaver, and Jesse Ray Grover, Blouse (u.s.a.) has created another compelling inst more info

Crabskull: Jovian Black Opera Cassette

Another major surprise. Chrys Fournier, Crabskull, Scab Smoker drummer & Dub DJ, caught me at a local record shop in the Summer and told me he had some tapes I might like. We have gave me was two 90 minute collection of the wildest, creeped out dark more info

Jlk/Babysitter: Self Titled Cassette

This cassette brings together Montreal artist Jane Kasowicz (Velvet Chrome) and Victoria's Babysitter. Culled from merely a few days of jamming, the sounds within are at once loose and spellbinding. The aptly titled "Buddies" starts things off with a more info

Powder Blue: Dream In Black Cassette

Four piece Saskatoon femme psychers Powder Blue aim to provide "the soundtrack to your dreams and nightmares" with their debut "A Dream in Black". These aren't your run of the mill 'giving a speech in your jockeys' nightmares either. Anyone out there more info

Shearing Pinx: Storm Majorities & Magnetic Tremors Cassette

Compiled from 7"s, splits and compilations released since the band's inception in 2007, this anthology serves as an introduction to the breadth, depth and sheer velocity of Vancouver's Shearing Pinx. White-hot cymbals sizzle and shimmer atop a smolde more info

T. Fuller: Storm Majorities & Magnetic Tremors Cassette

T. Fuller is Terrence Fuller (Repulsive Bile & KkrakK!!). For his third Prairie Fire appearance we asked him to put together some tracks based upon a 2009 dub noise percussive performance. The A-Side is full of Scorn induced electro-percussive workou more info