Zebra Zebra: I'm Still Playing Cassette

All sounds on this recording were made by Laura Thornton, the two-year-old daughter of Tim Thornton (Tiger Village, CDX, etc). Tim set up his home studio with several ways to make sounds. These included a microphone in a stairwell with a pile of item more info

Basic House & Metrist: The World Is Order, Incarnate Cassette

Basic House & Metrist - The World Is Order, Incarnate by Opal Tapes more info

Phillips & Jensen: Patra Cassette

Emerging into actualization with a warm and radiant glow, LA-based duo Phillips & Jensen come into form and fruition with an immaculate level of New Age purity on their debut cassette, Patra. Tim Phillips (Tenstairs) and George Jensen (Sneaky Snake) more info

Porcje Roso?Owe: Ballet Cassette

Edition of 50. Recorded with vintage Nakamichi tape technology. more info

Skullcaster: Revaluation Cassette

Hailing from Central Texas, experimental multi-instrumentalist Chris Cones re-institutes his brooding solo project Skullcaster with the new cassette Revaluation. Cones' idiosyncratic home recordings fully capture a gracious disregard for traditional more info

Cedar Av: Nin-O-Van Cassette

Nin-o-Van by Cedar AV Nin-o-Van is the third full length from Wisconsin trio Cedar AV, but somehow the first to see the light of day. Comprised of Erik Schoster (He Can Jog, Geodes), Nate Zabriskie (Nomad Palace, Geodes), and Nick Sanborn (Made of Oa more info

God69: Myster_Eez | Amalthea EP Cassette

GOD 69 is a global collective with roots in Chicago and Berlin. Having retreated from the city life of Germany's capital, MYSTER_EEZ was conceived in the rural corners of the Far East fuelled by the mythological landscapes of Japan, Taiwan, and Thail more info

More Eaze: Fine. Cassette

fine. by more eaze Austin-based composer Marcus Maurice Rubio has been kicking around weirdo music circles for a while now, but he’s steadily ramped up his activity since moving from Los Angeles to Austin in summer 2014. He's spent his time explori more info

Introvert: Visage Cassette

Visage by Introvert Edition of 50. Includes download coupon. Art by Anwar Sadat's Shane Simms. Screen printed j-card. more info

Duenn: Minamiku Cassette

A synthesizer's an electronic device designed to discover the unknown. Therefore a synthesizer's like a satellite. Taking off to worlds out of reach, transmitting signals from beyond into your living-room. Amazing, but a bit creepy, innit? more info

I.O: Collection One Cassette

a collection of previously released compositions from multi instrumentalist i.o more info

A.D.D. & Screams@Bells: Self Titled Cassette

Longtime DDP friend and supporter Mike Furnish presented us with some records he made with his mysterious collaborator screams@bells. Engaging loops and drones meet synth drift head on for an alternate retelling of Lang's Sci-Fi classic. This is the more info

Basic Nature: Circles and Lines Cassette

Prairiegaze: A new sound as vast as the Canadian Prairies where it was born. It?s also as beautiful and captivating as the view of the sky all around with nothing to obscure it or the bright vivid colors that explode as the summer sun sets. Lizzy Bur more info

Breath Grendes: Space Rawk Replicas (cassette0

Released in connection with GoJohnnyGo records in Minneapolis. 20th anniversary of this Seminal Post Punk/Noise Rock/Space Rock/Thug Rock Release. Either loved or hated in their hometown of Winnipeg Manitoba the Breath Grenades have always held a spe more info

Futurians: Live At Lines 2011 Cassette

I love this band. Noisey, out of control punk from New Zealand. Need I say More? Recorded a bunch of years ago - totally blown out - a rough ragged sonic mess assaults your sense and your soul. Living is difficult post-Futurian. more info

Shooting Guns: Spectral Laundromat Cassette

We've been waiting a long time to make this one happen. If there's one thing Saskatoon's Shooting Guns can do well, it's lay out thick slabs of heavy psych. Collecting 5 live tracks records from all over - pulled from a suitcase of recordings, Spectr more info

Shooting Guns: Street Rock Cassette

The second in a series of Live recordings by the gnarest band on Dub Ditch Picnic. The Titans of the West, PrairieHawkwind, Shooting Guns. Ed. of 200 - there will be 3 special/secret covers in #s of 25 more info

The Will To Power: Dark Forest Cassette

Our second tape with The Will To Power. This round sees our fave synth trio wades into the waters of John Carpenter to create the sounds YOU NEVER WANT TO HEAR WHILE YOU ARE IN THE FOREST ALONE. more info

Voodoo Pubes/Belfry Bats/Wolfskull/Slippery Nipple: Split Cassette

A collection of live recordings of 4 Dunedin NZ bands showcasing some of the best of the Avant/experimental underground. Sides nicely as the Yin to the Live At Lines 2011 's Yang. more info

Vulcan Steel: Steppin' Wolf Cassette

The Third in this summer's NZ trilogy on Dub Ditch. Proto-Punk//Proto-Metal ???? Either way it wins!! A solid/roaring set laid bare with teeth gnashing, fists flying , and blood a 'flowing. This is as vital as it gets - none more outsider than this. more info

CDx: Sports Cassette

CDX is a new/abbreviated alias of Tim Thornton, who is both behind the Tiger Village alias and Suite 309. Nine acid house and IDM inspired tracks, performed on hardware and recorded live to stereo cassette. more info

Jeremiah Fisher: Children's Archipelago Cassette

Jeremiah Fisher's newest largely meditates on becoming a parent. Like a more playful companion to last year's "Martyrboys" cassette, this release uses the same melodic modular synth approach as its predecessor. The more restrained approach is a repri more info

Andrew Tuttle: Slowcation Cassette

Following a debut EP and several mixtapes over the past two years since Australia’s Andrew Tuttle presents Slowcation - a series of new works created at Tuttle's home studio and during travels throughout North America and Australia throughout 2014. more info

Chemtrails: Destiny Demo Cassette

Chemtrails is the recording and performing moniker of Jeff Host. Although his output has been significantly limited, and his performances seldom, Host has made a stamp on heads around the midwest. This particular cassette presents his work plainly an more info

Rand and Holland: Self Titled Cassette

In 2011, Australian folk band Rand and Holland officially parted ways. Since then, the band’s leader Brett Thompson has sat on this final recording. Until now. In the months before their end, Thompson and the other members of Rand and Holland playe more info

Mowlawner: Chorus of Plague and Perversity Cassette

Mowlawner is the dark ambient/drone project of Eric Eijspaart, who is one half of Aaderlating. Since 2007, Mowlawner has been shapeshifting in spheres of dark ambient, harsh noise, drone, and cinematic soundscapes. This tape was mastered by Maurice d more info

Tim Cosner: Deadtech/Modernhomes Cassette

Bonding Tapes is pleased to announce the debut release of Tim Cosner's DEADTECH/MODERNHOMES album. Tim takes us on an avant garde trip of experimental abstract beats, sound design and melodies. He has been involved with other projects throughout the more info

Nigro: Slow Synapse Cassette

Mike Nigro of Brooklyn NY crafts a varied but cohesive swath of sound on Slow Synapse. From the loose 1-2 drum march on the opening track, peppered with haunting slapback low end stabs all held together with giant swells of saturated feedback, to the more info

Radiokoala: Whoop-De-Do Cassette

On Whoop-De-Do, radiokoala bends and twists genres effortlessly into a canopy of electronic works evoking wildlife and exotic landscapes with a primal urgency and totally uninhibited celebration of sound. more info

Babexo: Last Days of Youth Cassette

New wave inspired coming of age album from Rome's Babexo (aka Albino Deers). more info

B£Ams: Unforthcoming Self Cassette

Brixton resident, B£AMS follows up the first volume of his £300 STERLING beat tape series with Unforthcoming Self, a ten track collection of hazy beat sketches and longer form explorations in 4x4 that make up the eleventh release on Sonic Router Re more info

Soren Roi: Flood Out Cassette

Moving on from his work as guitarist, vocalist and programmer in the now defunct RØSENKØPF, Soren expands the underlying electronic elements of his past project into the forefront as an electronic producer. This tape shows him moving out of the lea more info

Tiger Village: In Stereo 2xcassette

Recorded live to stereo cassette near Cleveland, Ohio. Compiled from the first five cassettes of collected improvisations 2013-2014. Closer to the Tiger Village live experience than any other release so far. more info

Ilyas Ahmed: I Am All Your Own Cassette

*ORDER THIS ALBUM BY MAY 14TH AND BE ENTERED TO WIN A UNIQUE, SIGNED AND NUMBERED ART COLLAGE BY ILYAS AHMED* Born in Pakistan, Ahmed moved to America at a young age and wandered throughout his teenage years, eventually settling in his current home o more info

Eye: The Future Will Be Repeated Cassette

Eye is among the finest of New Zealand's rich improvisational scene, and The Future Will Be Repeated follows their stunning Winterwork LP of last year. Including Peter Stapleton (The Terminals, The Pin Group, Flies Inside The Sun), Peter Porteous (Em more info

Petit Singe: Tregua Cassette

Petit Singe is the avatar for Indian-born, Italy-based DJ and producer Hazina Francia, created in 2012 as an outlet for her interest in spaced-out romanticism and deep basses., exploring vague reminiscence of her own eastern heritage with a sensibili more info

Jeremy Young: Chants Beneath The Bed of The Furnace Brook Cassette

Inspired by the stream that flows through my parents’ town in upstate New York, this piece was written as a descriptive reflection of movement and stillness. I have walked along the banks of this frozen brook in Winter, witnessed its healthy rushin more info

Skrip: Abrasion Marks Cassette

Next release on 'La Notte di Architetto' tape label - limited edition c20 cassette by Skripp. Dark droning analogue soundscapes, deeper and deeper. more info