Former Selves: Forgiveness Circles Cassette

Former Selves is Paul Skomsvold. Known for his distinctive brand of homegrown and deeply considered new age compositions as Former Selves, Skomsvold returns to Patient Sounds (Sunyata came out in 2013) with a new collection of shimmering and pensive more info

Naps: I Do This For The Ocean Cassette

Returning to PS after the stunning Checking Out Early in 2016, naps, aka Jason Calhoun, offers a new collection of sine wave whispers. Equally melancholic and peaceful, the sound of naps is signature and consistent, but Calhoun finds new ways to bury more info

The Fun Years: A Heart To Heart About Our Values Cassette

The Fun Years tune into a sobering radio station where gently oscillating drones are fed through to the listener over a pensive, long wave. There aren’t any instantaneous, kicking drums or overdriven power chords, although the long drone does pick more info

Arian Shafiee: Beauty Tuning Cassette

Arian Shafiee plays guitar with Brooklyn-based dance punk band Guerilla Toss, and composes music for an imagined large ensemble under his given name. Beauty Tuning, his first release as a solo artist, showcases Shafiee’s prodigious command of fretl more info

Lockbox: Free Vdv Prayer Cassette

Lockbox churns through dance genre tropes at reckless speed, mashing high-BPM breakcore beats and acid basslines together with the lush pads and fine-grain lead voices of ambient techno - all frosted with an anything goes approach to sampling akin to more info

Rxm Reality: Panic Cycle Cassette

RXM Reality fuses hyper-detailed textural sculpting and progressive song structures with the high energy thump of contemporary bass music or EDM. Panic Cycle, his first release with Hausu Mountain, offers up a forty-minute journey through contrasting more info

Logardecay: Frgl Cassette

Leslie García and Paloma López (Mexico City) have been working for several years around the intersection of music, art-installation and science, with sound being the primary objective of their analysis, acting their roles as composers/creators and more info

Celer + Forest Management - Landmarks Cassette

“Constellation Tatsu has become such a reliable and punctual source of ambient, drone, and all sounds miscellaneous, that I’ve begun to set my watch to the release of their cassette batches. The latest, dropping February 5, features a clutch tape more info

Hakobune - Parhelion Cassette

“ Japanese drone/ambient maestro Hakobune (Takahiro Yorifuji) knows a thing or two about conjuring the right mood. Yorifuji’s long-running project never rushes the vibe, opting for lengthy, textured pieces of guitar and a briefcase full of effect more info

memorygarden - district Cassette

A track from the album district??????? by memorygarden out now on Constellation Tatsu. Part of Constellation Tatsu's winter batch. Cassette format. more info

Rose - Transferance Cassette

Transference cassette by Rose out now on Constellation Tatsu. Part of Constellation Tatsu's winter batch. more info

Heejin Jang: Trouble in the Camp Cassette

Cassette of Heejin Jang's album 'Trouble in the Camp' album on Doom Trip Records. Run of 100 Professionally duplicated High-bias Chrome Cassettes with 2-Sided Full Color 4-panel J-Cards. more info

Max Eilbacher: Electronic Music Tape Cassette

Self released tape from Max Eilbacher featuring 60 minutes of synthesis. "Synthesis recorded, sequenced and mixed at various studios, green rooms, the back of a few vans throughout Europe and my parent's basement 2016-2017." Side A: 1 Untitled asymme more info

Mukqs: ????? Cassette

Run of 125 Professionally Duplicated Cassettes - Chrome Plus Tape Full-color double-printed J Cards Purple tapes with black ink imprints "His new record is even more groove-oriented, with the fullest, most pristine sound he has achieved yet. Like its more info

Wilted Woman: Trapezoid Tappers Cassette

First release from Ren Schofield's (Container) new Plastic Bag imprints. This one a cassette by Wilted Woman of wonked out cheap synth and drum machine werbles. C52 out now pro duplicated chrome cassettes with hand silkscreened covers. more info

Dominic Coppola: Honeymoon Phase Cassette

Dominic Coppola's guitar-derived ambient bliss fields always explore softer territory. Relying heavily on muted, buried sounds that he patiently sifts out of cassette four track-manipulated refractions, themes of romance, fragility, memory and optimi more info

VA: The Harvest of a Quiet Eye 2xCassette

Fantastic double cassette compilation from Opal Tapes. Solid all the way through. Amazing looking edition. Fully printed tape shells and inner U-card illustrations designed by Noah Brown. U-card cover design by Darren Adcock / Suk Ninmyo 1. Angelo Ha more info

Diamond Soul: Cloud Reality Cassette

Cloud Reality is like a musical tightrope act; it’s a dense, chaotic, uptempo, and abstract dance record that always seems a moment away from spinning out of control or devolving into incoherency. That it never loses the reigns on it’s own intern more info

dok-s project: Daily Sound Collection Cassette

The song titles on Daily Sound Collection suggest an overview of daily Tokyo life, with tracks like “Walk In a Satellite City” capturing a clear-sky carefree energy and “Slot Machine Weekend” abstracting the idea of a busy arcade or casino. I more info

Foodman: Ez Minzoku (2018 reissue) Cassette

Since releasing his first cassette in 2012 through Orange Milk, Takahide Higuchi aka Foodman has become an unofficial ambassador for Japan's weird electronic music scene. He is recognized for mixing juke/footwork, minimal electronics, and avant-garde more info

Ilya Artemov: L'extremite Oublier Cassette

Edition of 50 cassettes in hand printed boxes. Includes hand-numbered card with artist's video-art code, art card and a digital version redeem code. This live performance was prepared for an electronic music festival, which was held in Moscow Museum more info

Padna: Rimessa Truppa Suite Vol. 2 Cassette

Nat Hawks aka Padna’s second album for Orange Milk, Rimessa Truppa Suite Vol. 2, builds on the first volume, eschewing general MIDI sounds in favor of a more pristine virtual instrument setup, with lifelike but still faintly artificial woodwinds, s more info

Seth Graham: Gasp Cassette

Gasp is constructed to sound like a digital blob of classical music with no obligation, testing the limits of both classical structure, modern technology, and unconscious obligation to the listener. By stretching the emotional gamut to inspire lively more info

Teamm Jordann: Champion (2018 reissue) Cassette

Music makers known as Daytime Television and Teams join up to form Teamm Jordann. We're excited to present their record, Champion, on Orange Milk. I keep saying that I'm not exactly sure what is sampled and what's performed on the album, which is par more info

Velf: Pernicious Serenity Cassette

Pernicious Serenity is the kind of electronic album that cleverly interacts with various musical disciplines without settling for one overarching sound. Velf aka Valeria Zaklinskaya’s music shifts between rave-like synth stabs, abstract club percus more info

Stelzer/Murray: Connector Cassette

Stelzer/Murray is the duo of Brendan Murray and Howard Stelzer, two stalwarts of the Boston noise / experimental scene over the past two decades. Both artists have long been friends and both artists have never shied away from collaborating with avant more info

Michael Terren: Thru Cassette

Thru by Michael Terren 'Thru' is a three-part album exploring Terren’s interest in digital music processes, specifically the tacit condition of the Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) in contemporary music. DAWs are vital and necessary mediators of vi more info

Public Speaking: Grace Upon Grace Cassette

Sensual slow-jams about the appeal of the political messiah figure. Dark ballads of nostalgia for a mysterious, mythic past. Disturbing love songs to a fascist dictator. Electronic compositions of piano and processed acoustic sounds that construct a more info

Ctrl-Z: Ctrl-Z Cassette

Rounding out our latest pair of tapes is another self-titled first appearance on our humble imprint, from Oakland, California stalwarts Ctrl-Z. Having met at the venerable Mills College during their graduate studies, Ctrl-Z took form as a trio compri more info

Tree Branch Twig: Beneath The Cassette

We welcome Lindsay Keast to the Full Spectrum family with this release, which marks the Editions Littlefield debut of her Tree branch Twig project. A longstanding friend of our humble label, Lindsay began workshopping these songs in 2014 when she liv more info

Cody Yantis: Cadence Annals Cassette

Cadence Annals didn't begin as a conceptually cohesive project, but, rather, grew piecemeal out of the collaborations, transitions, work, and travel that have dominated my life over the past couple of years. This busy and fruitful time left me with p more info

Haha Mart: Family Denim Cassette

"Haha Mart’s Family Denim is the latest from recording artist Drew Price. Family Denim springs from the dust of the dead mall flowerbed, a sound that brings us into an immaculate yet mortal mood of consumer pleasantries. This album is music for ple more info

CDx: Smiles Cassette

Tim Thornton (aka Tiger Village) returns to the CDX moniker to work out his 4/4 leanings with four crispy & melodic techno tracks. Cover photo by Raymond C. Scott III more info

Endon: Mama Cassette

2017 cassette pressing of Endon’s “MAMA”, edition of 50. Housed in a custom letterpress black heavy stock custom tape case with insert. “It’s reckless, it’s mind warping, it’s from light years into the future of an entirely different di more info

Manville Heights: S/T Cassette

RIYL: coy liaisons with fine Japanese electronic instruments, tomorrow's sad-funk Can machines develop sadness? Regret? Does the keyboard grazing of one's fingertips over the years accumulate feelings and longings in these electronic tools, both so i more info

Colin Andrew Sheffield & James Eck Rippie: Essential Anatomies Cassette

essential anatomies by colin andrew sheffield & james eck rippie This is the second volume of "Essential Anatomies," expanding upon the ideas and techniques of the first installment. Surprising, nuanced improvisations with samplers and turntables more info

Mj Lallo: The Channeled Voice Cassette

Kicking off Full Spectrum’s 2017 release schedule is a very special reissue from California voice artist MJ Lallo. Originally self-released in a hyper-limited run back in 1988, we stumbled across a copy of the original cassette in a dusty storage c more info

Theodore Schafer: Topiary Cassette

Topiary by Theodore Schafer Two impressionist pieces composed in Ann Arbor, a memory of a time before leaving a home. more info

Radere: Sloth Period Cassette

Sloth Period by Radere After a restless period of collaboration and experimentation, Radere returns to Full Spectrum with a two-pronged follow-up to 2013 ’s Dreamless. His vinyl debut, dubbed I Can’t Sleep, I Can’t Wake Up, is slated for releas more info