Greg Haines: Where We Were CD

"WHERE WE WERE", the new album from GREG HAINES, may come as a surprise upon first listen. The cascading strings that played such an important role in his prior work have disappeared, and in there place are intricate layers of tape-worn synthesizers. more info

Oh, Yoko: I Love You... CD

I Love You… is the debut album by Oh, Yoko, the duo of Rie Mitsutake and Will Long, featuring 14 new songs of homemade pop, lo-fi electronics, and synth folk. Recorded in Tokyo with an assembly of vintage electronic and acoustic instruments, classi more info

Witxes: A Fabric of Beliefs CD

This schizophrenic, feminine and plural project, leaning toward esotericism, is a sonic entity crashing popular music into singular music. Aiming at balancing improvisation and passionate sound research, WITXES' debut 'Sorcery/Geography' was a witchc more info

A Guide For Reason: Iconography CD

Brand new music from the A Guide For Reason project, recorded March, 2013. Strictly limited edition of glass mastered cd's in gatefold mini-lp sleeve - will not be reprinted. The first 50 copies come with an insert for a free 16 bit download code for more info

Morningdeer: Concert On A Twig CD

The Hungarian prodigy, Morningdeer's magical and wonderful AvanPop! Morningdeer brings in anything that makes sounds, designs a layered "voice" just like magic, and also plays any instruments. It is really a vast treasure trove of idea. I never imagi more info

David Papapostolou: Contrastes (dispositifs D'ecoute / C'est Moi Qui Souligne) CD

Contrastes (dispositifs d'écoute; c'est moi qui souligne) "dispositifs d'écoute" refers to the interaction of the pieces with the listener's immediate sound environment, and how that shapes the overall listening experience. "c'est moi qui souligne" more info

Adam Asnan: Fbfc 3"CD

FBFC comprises of 4 studies, each using a single speaker driver, amplification feedback and the lid of a 35mm nitrate film canister, that once contained reel 13/16 of Henry V. Mastered by Giuseppe Ielasi. Tracklist: FBFC 1 1'11'' FBFC 2 3'46'' FBFC 3 more info

Gregory Buttner: Scherenschnitt 3"CD

For the piece ‘Scherenschnitt‘ (German for ‘silhouette‘, ‘cut out‘ or ‘paper cut‘) I recorded sounds where paper and cardboard are cut with scissors, or torn apart with a cutter. By using very close miking, some digital processing and more info

Ian Hawgood & Friends: Wolven (a Modern Interpretation) 2CD

Hibernate would perhaps not be where it is today without ‘Wolfskin' by Ian Hawgood, our inaugural release back in 2009. Wolfskin referenced a series of nightmares Ian had as a child, focussing on elements of dreams and violence by marrying beauty w more info

Olaf Hochherz: Rooms To Carry Books Through 3"CD

The setup I use consists of two parts an electronic instrument and ten speakers. The speakers are switchable they are used to distribute the sounds in the room. The instrument is a combination of piezoelectric contact microphones and piezoelectric sp more info

Thomas Bel: To Dye Every Night CD

a release of mr. Thomas Bel. rain, voice, guitar and reverse romanticisms. Presented with a deceptively simplistic language, minimalistic, yet sublimely scuttling across the floors of silent seas. perhaps yearning for love and cruelty, a slowly growi more info

Alexandr Vatagin: Serza CD

For Alexandre Vatagin's third outing on his own Valeot imprint, he adopts sounds from a host of collaborators that bring a truck load of electro-acoustic instruments into his sonic landscapes. The contributions range from messy electronic intrusions more info

Quarz: Five Years On Cold Asphalt CD

On "Five Years on Cold Asphalt" the collaborations with Bernier, Németh, Schubert and Siewert were expanded by the special guests Bernhard Breuer (Elektro Guzzi, Metalycée) on drums and David Schweighart (Tupolev) with some delicate field recording more info

Netherworld: Alchemy of Ice CD

NETHERWORLD is the moniker of Alessandro Tedeschi, the creator and owner of Glacial Movements Records in Italy. Over the last few years, the label has received much appreciation and critical acclaim from both the national and international music pres more info

Va Inc. Lawrence English, Simon Scott, Yves De Mey, Janek Schaefer & More: Vernacular 2CD

One word was given to the 15 artists who appear on Whereabout's new compilation: "Vernacular," the title of the release. "Originally, music existed in each region's inherent culture, in accordance with the character of the location," writes Yui Onode more info

VA: Four On The Noise Floor CD

Scored from the artists at a show at the cave in Akron Ohio. Awesome compilation of bizarre rhythm centered work from an eclectic cast of Cleveland, OH based sonic acrobats from Glacial 23's Glacial Communications publishing house. more info

Andrew Weathers: Sings Praise, Glory, Make A Way, Hallelujah CD

After last year's split tape with Ancient Ocean, we were absolutely enthralled by Andrew's take on the American folk song and asked him to put together a release for the RCN Infinity Series. Accompanied by hypnotic guitar work that evokes an American more info

Jay-Dea Lopez: The Great Silence CD

When Australia was colonised in 1788 its soundscape was so unfamiliar to the foreign British ear that it was deemed inferior and unworthy. This attitude reflected the alienation and displacement felt by the colonisers, many of whom were transported h more info

Mathieu Ruhlmann: This Star Teaches Bending CD

"In 2012, my mother at the age of 63 was diagnosed with a rare terminal lung disease. She was given a six-month life expectancy at this time. These recordings were created over the same period of time, comprised of amplifying the human body, various more info

Piano Interrupted: Two By Four CD

A reissue conjoined with live tracks is a tricky situations as many avant-leaning acts view records and concerts as different and distinct entities. "Two by Four" by Piano Interrupted falls into this category with its three live tracks not only doubl more info

Ralph Koper: Ancient Pulsations CD

"These field recordings made in Varanasi presents authentic and vital life of the Indian people. This is a world where things around us are not infinitely secularized and separated, controlled and restricted but a world where each one is One. Gods an more info

Yannick Franck & Craig Hilton: Flowers For L.P. CD

Inspired by French poet Jacques Rigaut, the duo of Yannick Franck and Craig Hilton attempt to translate his dada-leaning written work into a surreal and unsettling audio journey. "Flowers for L.P." succeeds on a lot of fronts due to the album's obliq more info

My Home, Sinking: Self Titled CD

From Fluid Audio, the UK stalwarts of all things instrumental and somber, comes a trademark release that encapsulates many facets of their distinct style. With his debut as My Home, Sinking, Enrico Coniglio charts a course of windswept atmospherics a more info

Arthur De Eriomém: Drowned By Voices, Somewhat Rather Slowly CD

Extended version of Drowned by Voices, recomposed April 15th 2013 with analog delay and fender twin reverb.oices, somewhat rather slowly, more info

Ayelet Lerman / Wade Matthews / Carmel Raz: Growing Carrots In A Concrete Floor CD

Ayelet Lerman: viola | Wade Matthews : digital synthesis & field recordings | Carmel Raz : violin | Recorded by: Lars Sergel, March 2012, "Wire Tapping" at Barbur Gallery, Jerusalem. more info

Yannick Dauby: Hares & Bells CD

A release by Mr. Yannick Dauby, an homage to young hares and their fascination with bells. more info

Andrew Weathers Ensemble: What Happens When We Stop (photobook + Download)

In many ways, "What Happens When We Stop" is not what it seems. On initial appearance, the album is improvised acoustic music built on rural motifs, but once you dig deeper into the new album from Andrew Weathers Ensemble the truths become more elusi more info

Eluder: Through Horizon CD

*Stream in full at Japanese style mini-lp gatefold sleeve - printed by Stoughton. Features printed inner sleeve. Design by Timothy O'Donnell. Images by NASA. Edition of 400 copies.* For the many things "Through Horizon" does well, more info

Fabio Orsi & Pimmon: Procrastination CD

After 45 releases the Japan-based label Home Normal has finally issued its debut vinyl album, a collaboration between Fabio Orsi and Pimmon, two well-known names in the label's sphere. Hallmarks of Home Normal's past releases – namely the acoustic more info

Tidal: Being Still Being 3"CD

"Tidal is the work of London-based musician Jimmy Billingham. He also records under the name Venn Rain. His music has been called things like "oceanic, dreamlike and enveloping", who am I to argue? I'd also call it very very good. This 2 track EP is more info

Micah Blue Smaldone: The Ring of The Rise CD

Allusions to Neil Young, The Byrds, and The Band waft in while listening to the new album by Micah Blue Smaldone, "The Ring of the Rise." But like many albums issued by Immune Recordings, the sound isn't that linear and easy to categorize. While capa more info

The Big Ship: A Circle Is Forever CD

For their debut album under the name The Big Ship, Doug Kaplan and Aeron Small have crafted a sound that finds a rare kinship with Greg Davis' genre-bending "Curling Pond Woods." A sterling album in a discography with many of them, Davis sought to ba more info

Betacicadae: Mouna CD

*Includes immediate download.* Out of nowhere (at least to me), comes this debut album by Betacicadae, presented as a painstakingly assembled edition on the Elegua imprint. Betacicadae is the nom de plume of Kevin Scott Davis who has concocted a supe more info

Electric Bird Noise: Desert Jelly CD

Previously known for droning and electrified fields of guitar distortion, Brian Lea McKenzie, under the moniker Electric Bird Noise, flips expectations and has instead crafted an album of synthesizer-led songs that are primed for appearances on the d more info

Hawn: Spree CD

First full-length by New Orleans duo HAWN. Dread reveries draped over blunt samples, unsympathetic guitar, and broken piano. Both spooky and spooked: these seven songs lurch toward folk and pop, but keep a nervous distance. Recorded by Michael Winter more info

Antti Rannisto: Aaniesineita CD

12k is proud to release Aaniesineita, the debut full-length CD by Antti Rannisto. Rannisto [b1978] is a Finnish artist whose ultra-spare sound was formed via a diverse background of hip-hop, house, and experimental electronic music. Despite the highl more info

Celer: Engaged Touches CD

The music of Will Thomas Long’s and Danielle Baquet-Long’s Celer is an absorbing combination of classic ambient, minimalism, and – perhaps as the most distinct characteristic – overwhelming romanticism. Longing, melancholy, nostalgia, and the more info

Cody Yantis: Place & Distance CD

Even in these early months of 2013, there has been a lot of brazen electronic disfigurements this year, including the aggressive scuzz of Pete Swanson's Beer Damage side project, the long overdue reissue stream from Recollection GRM, and the recycled more info

Dominic: Persona CD

It's been four years since their previous album, but now DOMINIC is finally ready with album number three, "Persona". In the first years since their beginning in 2001, DOMINIC have mainly focused on concerts and live shows and have toured Europe a lo more info

Gareth Davis & Machinefabriek: Drape CD

When Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek) and I first talked about the L/M/R/W release ‘Drifts’ (home_n009), I was soon made aware of his work with the enormously talented clarinetist Gareth Davis. Following on from their 3? releases of Soundlines more info