Invading Pleasures (NIKOLA Lutz & Mark Lorenz Kysela): Infinitejest CD

The Stuttgart-based saxophonists Mark Lorenz Kysela and Nikola Lutz are tenacious advocates of experimentation with saxophones and electronics. "Is there anything that one cannot produce with a saxophone?" This question haunts them and every day they more info

Masakatsu Takagi: The Boy and The Beast Ost CD

The Boy And The Beast is a Japanese animated blockbuster directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mamoru Hosoda (Wolf Children, Summer Wars). He is part of the new generation of directors of high quality Japanese animated features. The Boy and The Beast tells more info

Rhein_Strom: Von Der Rheinquelle Bis Hafen Karlsruhe CD

How can we as humans in this day and age foster a relationship with the Rhine River, without lapsing back into modes of romanticism, when witnessing its remaining beauty in some rare places; without turning away in frustration and disillusionment, wh more info

Rodolphe Alexis: The Glittering Thing On The Mountain CD

Based in the Okinawa Prefecture and former part of the Yaeyama archipelago and Ryukyus islands, Iriomote-Jima is the most southern island in Japan and 90% of it ground is covered by jungle and mangrove. Even during its short period of coal mining, th more info

Sounds of Iceland: Field Recordings By Hafdís Bjarnadóttir CD

This recording takes you on a round trip of Iceland. The aural journey starts westward from the island's south in the cold early spring. After a side trip into the West Fjords, our route traverses the north of the country at the height of summer, fol more info

Uwe Rasch: Aus Vierundzwanzig DVD

Aus vierundzwanzig- 'Out of Twenty-Four' Since 2009 the composer Uwe Rasch has been working on a body of works called 'Out of Twenty-Four' (aus vierundzwanzig). It is a contemporary adaptation of Franz Schubert's original 1827 song cycle, "Die Winter more info

John Atkinson: Asasin In Lege CD

The soundtrack to the investigative documentary Asasin în Lege by John Atkinson (of the long-running Brooklyn experimental rock ensemble Aa) is the inaugural release from Florabelle, a New York-based label for experimental music and media founded by more info

Arkadelphia: Islands of Mind USB

A special one by Arkadelphia, his debut album "Islands of Mind" brings you 4 hours of ambient bliss, outsider techno & electronic sketches. A wooden walnut USB stick, highly limited, 50 copies worldwide, comes with a special brown paper bag with phot more info

Chandeliers: Artifacts CD

Imaginative music from Chandeliers trying to capture the deep sadness and nostalgic feeling of abandonment….. more info

Final Cop: Castaway Lakota CD

Castaway Lakota by Final Cop AdHoc throws out "Punk rage meets industrial / black metal noise" & while we certainly hear that in these 14 tracks, we are catching sounds reminiscent of the late late 80s and early early 90s post-hardcore heyday of the more info

Fontaine: Diamond Lake CD

"Diamond Lake was inspired by industrial parks, forest floors, insomnia and the landscape paintings of Ronnie Landfield." more info

Fwy!: Ca 80'S -90's CD

CA 80's-90's by FWY! This CD represents a collection of 'early works' by FWY!, a project I created around 2010 to fill time between making records with vocalist Bunker Wolf in Horrid Red & Teenage Panzerkorps. FWY! was conceived on road trip more info

Light Sleeper: The Goodbye That Keeps On Giving CD

The new Light Sleeper album: The Goodbye That Keeps On Giving is about memories, the past and goodbyes. The kind of memories that just dont seem to fade, and learning the importance of saying goodbye, in an attempt to find balance between holding ont more info

Limited Liability Sounds: Surrounding Countryside CD

It was our reading of an American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau's Walden, or Life in the Woods that inspired and encouraged us to create Surrounding Countryside. In the narrative the author himself reduces his interest in material economy for more info

Parallelism: Angular Geometry CD

A soft whisper beckons you to the horizon. Dusk or dawn, a faint rhythm gently takes your hand and guides you into a fluid realm of pulsating sonic drifts. "Angular Geometry" digs deep to sooth and invigorate the listener with engaging waves and invi more info

Sons of Melancholia: Silencer CD

A very welcome return to the label release schedule by Belgian artist Sons of Melancholia. After having released his debut album "Beauty is Imperfection" on diametric. in 2014 and a very successful contribution to John Beltran's compilation "Music fo more info

Timedog: Objects of Mind CD

Ambient musician Pete Burton is a multi-instrumentalist with a clear ethos about his music. For him, a feeling of immediate spontaneity is born from the degree of improvisation involved. You can clearly hear this on his debut album "objects of mind". more info

Valanx: The Towering Pillars CD

50 copies available, handmade covers, hand numbered (brown kraft hand cutted paper is used with real photo's) Veteran Glasgow based producer Arne Weinberg's latest Valanx album contains a creeping melancholia that seeps through its every pore. Claust more info

Zander One: Emerald Awaking CD

"Inspired by the thick haze of the Ohio summer, Emerald Awakening explores the sonic realms embodied in the incandescent vapor hanging over the Cuyahoga Valley. As the awakening of spring permeates into every corner of the atmosphere, warm pads begin more info

Animal Collective: Painting With CD

Painting With is the 11th full length Animal Collective album. For fifteen years they have been rewriting the musical map, their line-up and aesthetic shifting with each astonishing release as they continue their pursuit of a new psychedelia. The res more info

Spyros Polychronopoulos: Electronic Music CD

Experimedia is pleased to announce the new project by UK based Greek sound artist Spyros Polychronopoulos (aka Spyweirdos). "Electronic Music" is a meticulously crafted work of avant-garde electronics with attention towards unique timbres and acousti more info

Oltl: Oltl CD

OLTL by OLTL After four years of mostly local gigging, four Cleveland multi-instrumentalists with several dozen years of collective experience on the scene went into the studio and recorded nearly two hours of improvisation, edited and arranged for t more info

VA: Cleveland 2010 Noise Compilation CD

Issue 1: Cleveland 2010 Noise Compilation Preview/Sampler by edited by Amanda and Wyatt Howland Cleveland 2010 Noise Compilation, a 2015 joint SKSK/Tantramoon release, is a retrospective sampling of material from the Cleveland noise scene of five yea more info

Sam Amidon: But This Chicken Proved Falsehearted CD

Before Sam Amidon’s acclaimed albums for Nonesuch Records and Bedroom Community, he’d released a few on his own. After a collection of traditional Irish instrumentals, Amidon (as samamidon) delivered his true “debut” But This Chicken Proved F more info

Machinefabriek With Anne Bakker: Deining CD

The Dutch word 'deining' (pronounced "dining") translates to 'heave' and also 'commotion'. ??For Deining, I asked violinist Anne Bakker to bow each string of her instrument while sliding slowly from the lowest note to the highest, for exactly five mi more info

Frank Bretschneider: Isolation CD

Isolation by FRANK BRETSCHNEIDER LINE is proud to present the latest work by Berlin based artist Frank Bretschneider. Renowned for his mastery of rhythmic elements throughout his discography, Bretschneider has set this palette aside for an unexpected more info

Bing & Ruth: City Lake CD

Before the actualization of Bing & Ruth's halcyonic opus Tomorrow Was the Golden Age, there was City Lake. This newly remastered version of the 2010 limited edition album features David Moore leading an eleven piece ensemble through a greater gamut o more info

Trupa Trupa: Headache CD

Headache by Trupa Trupa Sharp as a migraine and twice as psychedelic. There is something about Trupa Trupa’s music that borders on an interface with pain - sometimes the vocals and guitar are all treble and daggers, for instance - but then there’ more info

Silk Saw: Imaginary Landscapes CD

After 9 years of silence, here's the 11th album from the unclassifiable Brussels-based duo. With their usual tamping drums (just mention the two parts of "The Decision to Exist" or "Same Area", led by a ferocious 808), a regular bass guitar hammering more info

New Order: Music Complete CD

Long awaited album Music Complete is New Order's first full studio release since 2005's Waiting For The Siren's Call, and their debut for Mute. The album finds the group revitalised, and where they had previously pushed toward electronics or guitars, more info

Richard Garet: Meta CD

Meta by RICHARD GARET In installation form, Meta consists of four transducers that are attached to the wall on each corner of a perfectly drawn six foot square. Meta is also a quadraphonic piece, composed to be spatially moving along the four assigne more info

Benjamin Finger: Motion Reverse CD

With the dust only just settling from the release of the delicate ambient textures of “Pleasurably Lost" on Eilean Rec. in april, Benjamin Finger returns with “Motion Reverse” on Shimmering Moods Records. Coming from someone in an apparent stat more info

Gallery Six: Gasansui CD

Crisp, clear water flows on either side of me as I drift outward from the beach, my vessel gulping in the fresh air of dawn. The subtle treasure of moss balls are visible below the surface. I disappear into a wall of fog and reach my destination on t more info

Macheteoxidado: Viento De Las Montanas CD

Rain is pouring from dark clouds, and there is a harmonica which sounds trapped at the bottom of a well. The ground is waterlogged and can accept no more. Water floods down the slope, towards a valley. There is in fact a well at the bottom of this va more info

VA: Meditations 1 CD

Late night, early morning, deep forest, blue sky, rainy afternoons, city lights, snowy forest trails, endless roads, haziness, vaporize, frost, mist, sun …. Shimmering Moods Records brings you meditations part 1 soon to be follow by part 2, each li more info

Basic Nature: Circles and Lines CD

Prairiegaze: A new sound as vast as the Canadian Prairies where it was born. It?s also as beautiful and captivating as the view of the sky all around with nothing to obscure it or the bright vivid colors that explode as the summer sun sets. Lizzy Bur more info

Dub Rifles: No Town No Country 1981-84 CD

After 30 years give or take a day since the final Dub Rifles show in 1984, Sundowning brings 18 tracks that encapsulate the Dub Rifles story. With Remastered versions of the No Town No Country and BOOM EPs, another dozen tracks live and the like have more info

Radiation Flowers (NEE Powder Blue) : II CD

Our relationship with Saskatoon?s Powder Blue goes back to their first release, Dream In Black, when Dub Ditch Picnic produced a cassette version of their self released LP. We were approached to release II in the fall of last year to coincide with th more info

Shooting Guns: Wolf Cop Soundtrack CD

Sundowning is extremely excited to be partnering with Shooting Guns (along with One Way Static and Light in the Attic LP/CS) to bring this monster to the streets. This astounding soundtrack to the equally mind melting film came into our lives as our more info

Tom Carter/Pat Murano: Kawnyarna CD

New York psych mavericks Tom Carter (Charalambides//Sarin Smoke) & Pat Murano (No Neck Blues Band//Decimus) have teamed up to create some of the most amazing stuff I've heard in years ... super stoked to be releasing music by two folks I've been list more info