The Bug: Bad / Get Out The Way 12"

Kevin Martin (The Bug, King Midas Sound) is one of the most consistent and versatile producers in electronic music. Ninja Tune will release a new 12 which features his signature hard hitting style including vocal features from frequent collaborator a more info

Visionist: Value (color) LP

*180g 12” gold vinyl. Printed card inner sleeve. Printed spined card outer sleeve featuring artwork by Peter De Potter. Includes exclusive 10 image zine by Peter De Potter. Download code included. * Visionist returns with his second album “Value more info

Ziur: U Feel Anything? LP

*LP* Ziúr is one of the most exciting producers to come out of the fringes of Berlin club music in the last few years. A new generation is breaking out of the techno mould and creating in a spirit of freedom and experimentation, taking seemingly inc more info

Stephanos Vassiliadis: En Piry / Bacchae LP

Two previously unreleased recordings from one of Greece’s pioneers of electroacoustic music. Stephanos Vassiliadis (b.1933 – d. 2004) founded in 1979, together with Iannis Xenakis, the Contemporary Music Research Center (CMRC) and remained its di more info

Ben Frost: Threshold of Faith Ep1 12"

The music of Ben Frost is about contrast; influenced as much by Classical Minimalism as by Punk Rock and Metal, Frost’s throbbing guitar-based textures emerge from nothing and slowly coalesce into huge, forbidding forms that often eschew convention more info

Brian Case: Spirit Design LP

Only a year after his debut solo album with Hands in the Dark, Brian Case (90 Day Men, Acteurs, Bambi Kino Duo, Disappears) is back this August with Spirit Design. The record consists of ten new experimental tracks of concrete dub and electronic wiza more info

Crowhurst: Aghoree LP

Experimental black metal from Los Angeles, CA. "?It’s dark, beautiful, and dream-like, and I highly recommend it." - CVLT Nation "If you are looking for your fix of spine-tingling, chill-spreading, teeth-clenching dark ambient, definitely check thi more info

Crowhurst: Memory Loss LP

Experimental black metal from Los Angeles, CA. "STRAIGHT 10 OUT OF 10. This is literally what happen when you take noise to the next level." - TheSirensSong "If you are looking for the compositional evolution of extreme experimental music in the 2010 more info

Alex Keller and Sean O'neill: Kruos LP

Alex Keller and Sean O'Neill have created performances and installation pieces together since 2015. Using field recordings, vintage telephone test equipment, and magnetic oscillators, among other tools, their work addresses the agents and artifacts o more info

Archivist: Chutes and Ladders 12"

Archivist (Alex Markey) is a producer residing in Seattle (Transfusions and Medical’s home). He is a member of the thriving and diverse Secondnature collective and is a prominent producer and DJ in the Seattle and surrounding scene. Archivist prese more info

Martin Jenkins (PYE Corner Audio): Dance Cave EP 12"

UK producer Martin Jenkins needs no introduction. Under his more commonly known aliases (Pye Corner Audio, Head Technician, and more), he has mysti ed fans with his unique brand of synthesist nostalgia with numerous releases on Ghost Box, More Than H more info

Ekin Fil: Ghosts Inside LP

Ekin Fil is the acclaimed drone-pop chanteuse working with the sparest of materials in her ethereal, shoegaze deconstructions. Her sound developed out of a healthy obsession with Cranes, Cocteau Twins, Slowdive and many other bands that she discovere more info

Arrigo Lora-Totino: Out of Page LP

Collection of recordings by the Italian sound and concrete poet Arrigo Lora-Totino (1928-2016). His place in the history and development of poetical intermedia is undisputed. This LP holds fourteen voice-based tape works made from the years 1968 to 2 more info

Jon Brooks: Autres Directions LP

*Limited orange vinyl edition.* On his third album for Clay Pipe Music, Jon Brooks (Advisory Circle/Ghostbox) takes inspiration from time spent in France. "I have a natural affinity with France, which seems to span a large proportion of my adult life more info

James Place: Voices Bloom LP

LP LIMITED EDITION OF 350 COPIES. Pressed on neon orange colored vinyl, includes a post card with original artwork and free download coupon. A distillation of cultural memory through electronic process, James Place —the creative guise of New York n more info

Mike Majkowski: Days and Other Days LP

Majkowski's solo follow-up to 2016's stunning "Swimming in Light" on Entre'acte (and follow-up to the 2015 tape release "Neighbouring Objects" on Astral Spirits). "Days and Other Days" finds Majkowski even more focused and refined, Similarly to previ more info

The Hasbeens: Maybe 12"

Italo electro jams from Alden Tyrell & DJ Overdose. more info

Cristian Naldi: Rurale LP

Rurale is the second chapter of Cristian Naldi’s solo project. Original compositions, improvisations and arrangements from the classical repertoire of Gabriel Fauré, Dmitri Shostakovich, Arvo Part, Henryk Gorecki, create a nocturnal and leaden atm more info

Dinahbird: A Box of 78s LP

A leather box that is over eighty years old and has lived in three different countries, and on two different continents. It contains over fifty 78 rpm recordings of classical music and opera hits of the day. The box and its contents were inherited by more info

Divus: Divus LP

Divus is a duo from Rome, comprised of electronic musician Lucianno Lamanna and saxophone player Luca T. Mai. Lamanna has a 20 year long career as a dj, electronic musician and event organizer in the electronic and techno scene. Luca T. Mai is the ma more info

Robedoor: New Age Sewage LP

It’s been four years since Robedoor released their previous LP on Hands in the Dark, Primal Sphere, but this spring Britt and Alex Brown return with a new odyssey of chaos and psychosis: New Age Sewage. Written and recorded across multiple seismic more info

Alan Courtis: Los GaLPones LP

"Los Galpones" contains four dark and grimacing industrial-tinged drone pieces. Employing the electric guitar, the violin, springs and other found objects, Courtis creates a soundscape that is at times oppressive and dense. A reflection perhaps on th more info

Dustin O'halloran & Hauschka: Lion Ost LP

Limited 180gram blue vinyl with 4 page booklet. Lion received six Oscar nominations at the 89th Academy Awards, including Best Original Score, Best Picture, Best Supporting Actor (Patel), Best Supporting Actress (Kidman) and Best Adapted Screenplay. more info

Gondwana: Miccaotli LP

Following his previous appearance as Gondwana on Opal Tapes back in 2015, Andrea Taeggi returns to the label with a new mini-album of spellbinding constructions from the outer-reaches. Taeggi is best known for his work alongside Koenraad Ecker in Lum more info

Concert Silence: 9.22.07 2LP

Six discrete movements, an affair of edgy ambience, with lilting lulling passages ceding to digital depredations - parts subtly infiltrated, others strewn with the detritus of error-smithery. more info

Drape: Let There Water Air LP

Spencer Williams and Ryan Gracey's 2nd full length LP as Drape on Infraction. Analog orchestras and guitar notes that expand for minutes on end. The first two tracks on Let There Water Air are awash in a guitar and cello haze, rising up on 'new mount more info

Sula Bassana: Organ Accumulator LP

*Limited brown vinyl pressing of 300.* The new year has already seen 3 or 4 killer Deep Distance releases; some of which have sold out -without exaggeration- in a single day. The first pressing of the fabulous new Sula Bassana LP “Organ Accumulator more info

Vlad Dobrovolski: The Drums of The Fore and Aft LP

“Drums of Fore and Aft” – a new record from Moscow based sound artist Vladislav Dobrovolski, member of tape-duo S A D and synth-trio kurvenschrei- ber. New album is second with the own name on the cover after EP Breathers– limited series of l more info

Lone Pinon: Dias Felices LP

Lone Piñon is an acoustic trio from New Mexico whose music celebrates their region’s cultural roots. Using violin, accordion, guitar, guitarrón, upright bass and harmony vocals in Spanish, English, and Nahuatl, the group has reviv more info

The Flaming Lips: Oczy Mlody (deluxe) 2LP

*Ltd 12 song double LP colored vinyl deluxe edition. Orange & purple vinyl in gatefold sleeve + download coupon.* Produced by the band and their long-time producer Dave Fridmann, the highly anticipated album is the follow-up to THE LIPS’ globally a more info

Jacaszek: Kwiaty LP

Micha? Jacaszek is an absolute master of melancholy: the Polish composer who's spun dramatic shades of darkness and light into gold for more than a decade now, from the trickle-down electronics of Treny and artful gloom of Glimmer to the vapor-traile more info

Scald Rougish: Idioal Oifrmech LP

Ge-stell is releasing an LP for Chris Douglas’ project Scald Rougish, marking the electroacoustic producer’s sophomore release on the San Francisco label since his Dorcha Aigeann EP as Dalglish. Chris Douglas’ Scald Rougish is intensely pers more info

Herva: Hyper Flux 2LP

Few artists have the ability to totally seduce over a few spins like Italy’s Herva. What may seem messy at first listen starts to fall into sharper definition and ‘Hyper Flux’ makes a very strong case for being his most seductive and mature rec more info

Moire: No Future 2LP

When Moiré decided to call his second album No Future, he wasn't trying to make a political statement so much as state the obvious: If humanity keeps heading down the hateful path outlined by certain right-wing political figures and recent political more info

Gonzo: Radio Kampala / Skull Cave 7"

***Initially offered for free with discrepant orders throughout January 2017. Now on general sale. Exclusive limited white label single from Gonzo. Exploring the depths of East African religious beliefs from ancient animistic traditions to the more r more info

Driftmachine: Radtiations LP

The fourth album of Driftmachine is not an album in the classical context, it´s a collection of new studio music, remixes of Shackleton and The Sight Below, and material previously available only in digital formats. LP limited edition of 350 copies more info

Amklon: Collision of Absolutes LP

Amklon is a duo from Naples, composed of Giuseppe Mascia (electronics) and Sergio Albano (Aluminum guitar). Their music is the point of meeting of so many seemingly irreconcilable worlds: an architecture of dark synthetic sounds and avant-gard noise more info

Bertoni/Boccardi/Mongardi: Litio LP

“LITIO” is the first album from the project composed by Alberto Boccardi (electronics), Antonio Bertoni (double bass) and Paolo Mongardi (drums). The four tracks are slowly developing and re-shaping, from free form drums to ambient textures. Hypn more info

Everest Magma: Gnosis LP

Gnosis is the second set of tracks from Everest Magma, after the astounding Modern/Antique which marked his departure from the drugged-out songs and the stepping into the world of loops and beats. Less aggressive and more focused on quasi hip-hop bea more info

Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or: Anacalypsis LP

Hermetic Brotherhood of Lux-Or is the most outstanding creature hailing from the sardinan obscure collective Trasponsonic. It was founded in late 2007 and it has released six albums to date. Julian Cope count them as one of the most interesting bands more info