Adrian Younge Presents Venice Dawn: Something About April II LP

2018 repress. "In the years since the release of Adrian Younge's Something About April, he has been coined America's black genius: the evocation of analog vestige in a digital era. His majestic music has garnered him reverence, likened to Ennio Morri more info

Belong: October Language LP

October Language is the debut album by New Orleans based duo Belong, comprised of Turk Dietrich and Mike Jones. Since its release in early 2006, Belongs debut masterpiece has accumulated a dedicated cult following, with comparisons to the work of Chr more info

Blackwater Holylight: Blackwater Holylight LP

LP version. "The notion of 'heavy music' is continuing to expand of late, with many intrepid artists finding new ways to incorporate the power of traditional metal into new music, but without all of its trappings. Enter Portland, OR quartet BlackWate more info

Chevel: Always Yours LP

Chevel gives the prism-pushers at Mumdance and Logos' Different Circles label their first album release with Always Yours; a slanted new take on the "weightless" paradigm, floating somewhere between headspaces associated with the styles of Lee Gamble more info

Dennis Young: Synthesis: Electronic Music 1984-1988 LP

LP version. Dennis Young is best known as the percussionist of the New York band Liquid Liquid, which is known for their piece "Cavern" from 1983, which in turn became very well-known because Grandmaster Flash sampled it and used it as the basis for more info

Dual Action: Babe Beer Bar Car 2LP

Hospital Productions finally compile some of Matthew Folden, aka Dual Action's most sought-after material, a set of forays into distorted ambient, mutant house, and jungle -- even grime and footwork variants -- as released on his hard-to-find Babe, B more info

Elg: Vu Du Dome LP

Mutant troubadour Laurent Gérard, aka Èlg, makes an ideal addition to the misfits at Editions Gravats with Vu Du Dôme, a patently strange record resembling a sort of cryptic opera or the dramaturgy of a waking dream. Leading listeners up the garde more info

Eve Essex: Here Appear LP

Here Appear is an invocation, a salutation, and a celebration -- of past and perfect lives, forgotten and remembered, exchanged and borrowed. Eve Essex's solo debut is a multi-instrumental fea(s)t combining synthesizer, drum machine, alto saxophone, more info

Giovanni Di Domenico: Insalata Statica LP

The new solo LP by Giovanni Di Domenico, Insalata Statica comprises a single album-length composition, initially a suite of six distinct parts that have been weaved together to form a kaleidoscopic whole. Composed and performed almost in its entirety more info

Going: III LP

Going's third effort is a joint release by Silent Water and Meakusma. Recorded in the span of one year in monthly recording sessions, it sees them venture off into a melismatic and contrasting contemplation on forward musical propulsion, '70s crossov more info

Hastings Of Malawi: Visceral Underskinnings LP

35 years after the release of their critically acclaimed 1981 album, Vibrant Stapler Obscures Characteristic Growth (SR 428LP), the British dadaist group Hastings Of Malawi release their second album, an epic sound poem entitled Visceral Underskinnin more info

Lucy Railton: Paradise 94 LP

Lucy Railton is a prolific performer who has appeared on countless recordings and collaborations with many important figures in contemporary music over the last few years. Paradise 94 is, remarkably, her solo debut -- featuring archival, location, an more info

M.A.L.: My Eight Little Planets LP

LP version. 40 years later the mythic album is available! Lies of omission and appropriations. The story of a magnetic tape that contained a trade secret. Four decades after My Sixteen Little Planets's release (on OHR, 1975), Inventions For Electric more info

Ssaliva: Wyin LP

Collapsing Market host this captivating set of quixotic ambient scenes realized by Ssaliva, a Belgian electronic musician with sterling form for Leaving Records, Ekster, Vlek, and Purple Tape Pedigree (PTP), among others. Pulling together blink-and-m more info

VA: One Instrument Volume 01 LP

"A new label called One Instrument will launch next year, putting out music made with just a single instrument. One Instrument aims to highlight ambient, techno and experimental sounds, and each artist involved is encouraged to be as creative as poss more info

William Selman: Musica Enterrada LP

What if music had no beginning, no end? Can music exist "for itself" or "of itself", without structure constraining it, defining it? Can music be non-linear, non-narrative, simply experiential, existential? The second full-length album on Mysteries O more info

Andrew Liles: The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid: Speciality Offal & Other Choice Cuts 6CD BOX/DVD

Sister collection to The Flesh Creeping Gonzoid & Other Imaginary Creatures (DPROM 086CD, 2011). Studio out-takes, deleted obscurities, compilation appearances, and vinyl and download releases. The DVD included is an extended version of the very limi more info

Arad: The Glimpse 12"

"Dara Smith from Lakker in brilliant form: six vividly evocative, dramatically uneven soundscapes, ranging tonally from beseeching tenderness to thumping, bad-minded bass, guaranteed to rock the house." more info

Ben Galyas, Terre Thaemlitz And Robin Rimbaud: Ben Loves Terre Loves Robin 12"

"Ben Loves Terre Loves Robin is the second EP off Premature. Featuring works by Terre Thaemlitz (aka DJ Sprinkles), Scanner, and a first from London based producer Ben Galyas. The EP builds upon a private archival project involving Thaemlitz and Scan more info

His Name Is Alive: Black Wings 2LP

"His Name Is Alive archive of lost vocals, shadowy choirs, fuzzed upside down, prog melodies flipped & reversed in a 2xLP. Black Wings was originally designed as a collection of outtakes, demos and experiments, combining beautifully layered acapella more info

Map 71: Gloriosa CD

Brighton's Map 71 are a duo comprised of Andy Pyne (percussion, electronics) and Lisa Jayne (words, voice). Together they have been working away at an approach that draws from post-punk, improvisation, electronics, and other such realms of music to c more info

Michael Chapman: Live Vpro 1971 LP

LP version. For a self-confessed "journeyman" musician who has spent most of his 50-year career on the road live, Michael Chapman albums are curiously rare items and it's even harder to find one his earlier years. This one, recorded by Dutch "hippie" more info

Newaxeyes: Black Fax LP

Seattle experimentalists Newaxeyes play with tension and contradictions. Merging dark electronics, crystalline guitar melodies, pummeling beats, and samples to refract the volatility, paranoia, and catharsis of the post-Information Age, the band spin more info

Sonae: I Started Wearing Black LP

"Haunting, spooks, ghosts and apparitions are an almost constant presence on I Started Wearing Black, the second album by the Cologne-based artist Sonae (pronounced "so-nah"). . . . I would like to rehabilitate hauntology and use it properly to chara more info

Sonido Gallo Negro: Mambo Cosmico LP

LP version. 180 gram vinyl; Includes download code. Hailing from Mexico City, Sonido Gallo Negro's exhilarating third album, Mambo Cósmico, continues their exploration into the psychedelic richness and rhythmic pulse of Amazonian cumbia while at the more info

VA: Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 2LP

Uneven Paths: Deviant Pop From Europe 1980-1991 is the second multiple artist compilation on Music From Memory. It's compiled by record connoisseur Raphael Top-Secret and label man Jamie Tiller. The compilation brings together twenty-one tracks from more info

Charlie Morrow: Toot! Too LP

Recital present the first vinyl LP by composer/event-maker Charlie Morrow. Toot! Too culls performance recordings from 1970 to 2014. It focuses on his "Wave Music" series, which are compositions based around swarms of like-instruments; i.e. sixty cla more info

Edward Ka-Spel & Steven Stapleton/Colin Potter & Quentin Rollet: The Man Who Floated Away / The Closer You Are To The Center, Th

First ever collaboration between Edward Ka-Spel (from The Legendary Pink Dots and Tear Garden) and Steven Stapleton (from Nurse With Wound). It's been years they both wanted to work together and Bisou Records made that happen when they offered them a more info

Equiknoxx: Bird Sound Power 2LP

2018 repress. Equiknoxx is one of the hottest, most innovative dancehall squads from Jamaica. Bird Sound Power is their debut collective show of strength, packing twelve avant, crooked riddims by core members Gavsborg and Time Cow, plus Bobby Blackbi more info

Equiknoxx: Colon Man 2LP

2018 repress. Colón Man is the debut album proper by visionary Jamaican dancehall artists Gavin Blair (Gavsborg) and Jordan Chung (Time Cow) plus their extended crew, aka Equiknoxx -- once again for Demdike Stare's label. Where their widely acclaime more info

Eugene Chadbourne With Steve Beresford & Alex Ward: Pleasures Of The Horror LP

Bisou Records asked Eugene Chadbourne to do an album for children and he proposed an album about horror movies and monsters. Some references are obvious, like "The Thing", "Blacky Lagoony", etc., and some are about strange characters, like "Vampire T more info

Mushapata: Saba-Saba Fighting 12"

A fantastic mixture of brakka, reggae, and Afrobeat. Mushapata, a boxing champion, stepped out of the ring but kept fighting with music, lyrics, and his band, Saba-Saba Fighting. His first self-produced recordings reveal a rough mix of lo-fi reggae, more info

Oren Ambarchi: Grapes From The Estate 2LP

Black Truffle make Oren Ambarchi's Grapes From The Estate available once more on vinyl. Originally released on CD on Touch in 2004 (TO 061CD) and reissued on Southern Lord as a limited double-LP in 2006 during Ambarchi's tenure as a member of Sunn O) more info

Steve Roden: Small Songs For Jack Kirby 2LP

2LP gatefold. Edition of 300. Steve Roden new double album! "Small songs for Kack Jirby began in 2014, when i stopped performing with the tools I had used since 1993 (pedals, contact mics, cassettes, etc.). As I was trying to find a way to some 'new' more info

VA: Cronica Tecnica 2LP

During the eighties, in Spain, tons of electronic music cassettes appeared, often unipersonal, where the artist himself became the editor and distributor of his works. It was DIY at its purest. The appearance of the multitrack recorder and cassette d more info

Biosphere: The Hilvarenbeek Recordings LP

LP version. Biophon present a remastered edition of Biosphere's The Hilvarenbeek Recordings, originally released in 2016. Review from A Strangely Isolated Place: "'As The Sun Kissed The Horizon' is one of my favorite Biosphere tracks. It's a recordin more info

Bruce Gilbert: Ex Nihilo LP

Editions Mego's 250th release continues its ongoing legacy of cross-pollinating and perverting various threads of radical 20th century music whilst concocting and propelling further ideas into the nebulous region where we all currently reside. With E more info

Curse Ov Dialect: Twisted Strangers 2LP

Double LP version. Wildly surreal experimental hip-hop group Curse Ov Dialect return with the socially conscious, zonked-out Twisted Strangers, their first album since 2009's Crisis Tales (STAUB 096CD/LP). Renowned for their non-conformist costumery more info

Dedekind Cut: Tahoe 2LP

Northern California electronic producer Fred Welton Warmsley III’s solo work as Dedekind Cut (pronounced “dead-da-ken cut”) has evolved from fractured industrial design into increasingly subdued and sublime ambient meditations across two years more info

Electric Indigo: 511593 2x12"

2x12" version. Silver grey vinyl. 5 1 1 5 9 3 is the first full-length album release of Vienna-based artist Electric Indigo, who started DJing in the late 1980s, worked at the legendary Hard Wax record store in the early 1990s, and effortlessly manag more info