Nicola Ratti: Ossario Vol. 1 12"

Through the use of sound generated from modular synthesizer, tapes and samples, Nicola Ratti's Ossario is a collection of 10 separate and independent songs -- in two volumes, available separately -- introducing a new and radical composing method. The more info

Nicola Ratti: Ossario Vol. 2 12"

Second volume. Through the use of sound generated from modular synthesizer, tapes and samples, Nicola Ratti's Ossario is a collection of 10 separate and independent songs -- in two volumes, available separately -- introducing a new and radical compos more info

Norin: Bakom Planteringen LP

Hannes Norrvide, best known as the frontman of acclaimed synth trio Lust For Youth, presents the debut of his Norin solo project. Norin is far removed from the refined rave anthems of Lust For Youth, yet still one can sense that Båkom Planteringen t more info

Norin: Reflekterar 12"

Hannes Norrvide has had a busy year and now he is ready with the second vinyl release under his Norin guise. Reflekterar sees Norrvide further explore the textures of hazed out underwater acid. It is paired with a more aggressive DNA coding, especial more info

Noveller & Thisquietarmy: Reveries LP

Reveries is the first collaborative effort of Noveller & Thisquietarmy, two critically-acclaimed lonesome composers welcoming us on an expanded guitar-based journey. Noveller is the solo project of Brooklyn-based composer Sarah Lipstate while Thisqui more info

Officer!: Dead Unique 2LP

Gatefold double LP version. Blackest Ever Black presents to you Dead Unique, an album by Officer! recorded in 1995 but -- outrageously, inexplicably -- never before released into the public domain. This then is not a reissue or a revival; it's a new more info

Officer!: Life At the Water's Edge/Dogface 7"

The first vinyl release of an essential song by Officer!, the project of Mick Hobbs (½ Japanese, The Work, The Lowest Note, Flaming Tunes). Backed here by the gloriously surreal "Dogface," the ecstatic, anguished "Life At the Water's Edge" was relea more info

Old Komm: Ventspils LP

"?????? ????" (loosely translated as "Old Komm") are Andrey Kolmogorov and Sergey Gorsky, a musical duo hailing from the city of Samara, Russia. Since meeting in the mid-'90s, the duo started translating their musical ideas by making industrial music more info

Ossia: Red X 12"

Ossia (Young Echo member, operates Rewind Forward, Peng! Sound, No Corner, Hotline Recordings) debuts with "Red X," inspired by Peter Tosh's diary recordings in which he documented his dissatisfaction and mistrust in the run-up to his shocking murder more info

Painted Caves: Surveillance LP

Painted Caves is Evan Caminiti. Surveillance is his debut LP under this alias. Primarily sourced from modular synthesizer, Surveillance compiles seven tracks recorded over the last year, warped with cassette tapes and other digital tools. Beamed in l more info

Papillon: Papillon LP

Debut album from Papillon, a new project by Discrepant head-honcho, Gonçalo F. Cardoso and with guest appearances by Cédric Stevens and Kink Gong. Taking inspiration from the 1969 French adventure book of the same name, Papillon explores the sonic more info

People Like Us: Abridged Too Far LP

People Like Us is audiovisual collage artist Vicki Bennett, who has been making work available via CD, DVD and vinyl releases, radio broadcasts, performances, gallery exhibits, and online streaming for 25 years. Since 1992, she has developed an immed more info

Pessimist: Pessimist 2LP

Double LP version. With his ice-cold debut album, Pessimist delivers a defining work which represents the culmination of nearly a decade of collective research and development in underground drum'n'bass. It is hard to think of any producer, past or p more info

Philip Corner: PoorManMusic LP

PoorManMusic (1966) The simplest materials and the things your own body is and does claps, slaps, stamps. Rubbing and scratching: body, all parts, and clothing if any voices. And all the sounds your voice and breath and throat may make except words. more info

Praed: Fabrication Of Silver Dreams LP

Founded by Lebanese visual artist and musician Raed Yassin and Swiss musician Paed Conca in 2006, Praed is a band whose music can be described as a mixture of Arabic popular music, free jazz, and electronics. Over the years, the duo has collaborated more info

Prima Materia: Prima Materia 2LP BOX

Limited repress. This deluxe double-LP box set commemorates the tenth anniversary of Die Schactel's 2005 CD reissue of Prima Materia's La Coda della Tigre/Tail of the Tiger, and marks the first vinyl edition of the album since its original 1977 relea more info

Puce Mary: The Spiral LP

Repressed. The Spiral is Puce Mary's third LP for Posh Isolation. It follows where 2014's critically acclaimed Persona left off. Working more precisely than ever, The Spiral binds the listener in a tight web of sharp synthesizers, hammering percussio more info

Raime: Tooth 2LP

Double LP version. Raime presents their second album, Tooth. The widescreen melancholia of their 2012 debut, Quarter Turns Over A Living Line, gives way to an urgent and focused futurism, in the shape of eight fiercely up-tempo, minimal, meticulously more info

Raspberry Bulbs: Privacy LP

2015 repress. Raspberry Bulbs is the invention of visual artist and musician Marco del Rio, who, under the guise of He Who Crushes Teeth, co-founded Bone Awl -- one of the most distinguished black metal projects ever to come out of the U.S. Raspberry more info

Rat Columns: Fooling Around EP 12"

First vinyl release of the definitive version of "Fooling Around," which appeared in truncated form on Rat Columns' 2014 album Leaf (R.I.P. Society). Its void-chasing motoric and moody jangle evoke Splendour of Fear-era Felt or David Kilgour at his d more info

Regis: Manbait 2LP

Double LP version. Pressed at Optimal and housed in full-color sleeve. Contains eight tracks (including the rare, highly sought-after Raime, Vatican Shadow, and "Blinding Horses" remixes) and includes MP3/FLAC download code for all 12 tracks included more info

Regis: The Master Side 12"

The most important jazz album of 1964-65. 12" housed in die-cut sleeve. Vinyl-only release. "Trust is good but control is better." more info

Sand Circles: Motor City Remixes 12"

Remixes of tracks from Sand Circles' Motor City by Yen Towers, Abdullah Rashim, Quiltland, and 1991. From blissed-out, droney tape works to sharp dancefloor tracks, each of the four remixes presents a beautiful elaboration and articulation of the ori more info

Secret Boyfriend: Memory Care Unit LP

Memory Care Unit is a long-form offering of poignant, isolationist machine music from Secret Boyfriend. Eschewing the cryptic and compact song-sketches that characterized his 2013 LP This Is Always Where You've Lived (BLACKEST 023LP), Ryan Martin ins more info

Secret Boyfriend: This Is Always Where You've Lived LP

Blackest Ever Black's last release of 2013 comes from Secret Boyfriend, the solo project of North Carolina's Ryan Martin, who is also one-half of Boyzone and founder of the Hot Releases label -- a catholic endeavor that has seen him release records f more info

Shampoo Boy: Crack LP

The Vienna-based trio's second LP following 2013's crushing debut Licht (BLACKEST 016LP), Crack finds Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego), Christina Nemec (comfortzone), and Christian Schachinger crafting a powerful alloy of extreme electroacoustic music, more info

Shampoo Boy: Licht LP

Licht is the debut album by Shampoo Boy, a new guitar, bass and electronics trio from Vienna, comprising members Christian Schachinger, Christina Nemec, and Peter Rehberg. Schachinger and Rehberg have played together in various projects over the last more info

Simon James Phillips: Chair LP

Simon James Phillips has created Chair, an album of clustered piano works, where notes compound and flutter in a spiraling flow of attack and decay. Using the natural sustain of both his chosen instrument and the recording environment -- the Grunewal more info

Six Six Seconds: Tearing Down Heaven 10"

Very necessary standalone release of Six Six Seconds' "Tearing Down Heaven," standout track from the 2012 Downwards compilation So Click Heels. Written and performed in Berlin by the elusive Eden and deftly recorded and mixed by Karl O'Connor. Darkly more info

Smegma: Look'n for Ya LP

In 1973, when Smegma (the band) was born they had only one rule: No Musicians! That way they could re-invent the musical wheel with a new primitive, suburban, anti-hippie approach. 44 years later perhaps the world is ready for the first full LP of th more info

Stefan Jaworzyn: Drained of Connotation LP

Writer, musician, and misanthrope Stefan Jaworzyn was a notorious and energetic presence in the UK underground of the 1980s and 1990s. Following a brief stint in Whitehouse, in 1986 he formed Skullflower with Matthew Bower and remained the band's gui more info

Stephen O'Malley: Eternelle Idole 2LP

This double LP documents Stephen O'Malley's Eternelle Idole, his score for Paris-based choreographer Gisèle Vienne's artistic ice-skating piece of the same name. Comprising 47 minutes of music spread over three sides and enhanced by an elegant and c more info

Tarcar: Mince Glace 12"

A modern-day revenge tragedy. Symmetrical, fine-spun, almost courtly; but quick-tempered, and far from blood-shy. A picture emerges: domestic disturbance, pissing on the compost heap, noise complaints from hateful neighbors. Sulking, pouting, goading more info

Tarquin Manek/Martina Quake: Locks On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts LP

Locks On Our Doors Not On Our Hearts utilizes EMS VCS3, Oberheim OB-Xa, and ARP 2600, in combination with cheap, contemporary consumer electronics. It is, in all intents and purposes, a short, cautionary story about love. It is also a folk-tale, a sc more info

Terence Hannum: Spectral Life LP

Debut LP of one-third of avant drone metal outfit Locrian. Contemporary artist/musician Terence Hannum is back on wax with two sides of meditative and sonic cathartic noise torrents. Following on from a dozen of highly-regarded solo tapes and CDrs, S more info

Teresa Rampazzi: Images for Diana Baylon LP

The long and mesmerizing single piece of analog electronic music that develops over the two sides of Images for Diana Baylon (1972), the latest Die Schachtel "Silver Series" LP is a soundscape composed by Teresa Rampazzi for the artist Diana Baylon's more info

The Dead Mauriacs: Beaute Des Mirages LP

Mysterious French outfit The Dead Mauriacs return to Discrepant in full exotic wind force after their sell-out cassette, Cocktails Pour La Fin Des Temps (2016). Beauté Des Mirages picks up on the same themes of frantic, abstract exotica and concrete more info

Tiago Sousa: Um Piano nas Barricadas LP

Since his first release (2006's Crepúsculo), pianist and composer Tiago Sousa has been consistently developing his very own aesthetic; through his relatively large body of work, one can identify an artist on the search for his own expression and ide more info

Tim Hecker: Norberg/Apondalifa LP

Limited repress. In 2015, Room40 celebrates 15 years of editions and events; as part of the celebrations, the label is reissuing a number of editions in various formats that are out of print. One of these editions brings together two of the pieces th more info

TNC6: Sekundenschlaf LP

Sleep-deprived, breakbeat-driven vignettes of unclear authorship, from somewhere west of Lake Lagoda, near the Russia-Finland border. Sekundenschlaf has significant points of correspondence with contemporary European electronic music, as well as the more info