Grief No Absolution: Eurostopodus Argus/Crypsis 10”+7\"

    Grief No Absolution: Eurostopodus Argus/Crypsis 10”+7"

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  • Artist: Grief No Absolution
    Label: Flingco
    Cat No: FSS006TN

Remotely located bleak metal masters Grief No Absolution cede FSS recordings in the form of EPs. Crypsis; a coarse, harsh 7' and Eurostopodus Argus; a 10" EP that is vibrating with dark radioactive warmth - kind that feels nicer than the 7" tracks, but peels skin off as you spend more time with it. Short sharp hateful stabs of sound versus the withered dry bones of arid furnace-like slabs. The two EPs contain 32 minutes of music and come as a vinyl package or a digital album.

Completely decimated black-out blizzard feedback that's more rust than metal.
1,000 Times Yes

"Bleak metal" is not my term, but the chosen musical style of someone - or something - called Grief No Absolution, whose records sound like the devil clearing his throat as an enormous wind machine pins you to a wall carved from a glacier.
Louis Pattison The Guardian August 17, 2009

As far as crushing, nocturnal dronemusik goes, this is amazing... the 7" tracks remind me of a more blackened, black metal-damaged Prurient, like the Pleasure Ground material jacking into Abruptum's dungeon and then bathed in torrents of corroded Merzbowian skree. This is a graveyard scumblast nightmare that will surely appeal to disciples of such black noise/black metal alchemists as Stalaggh, Nekrasov, Robe, and WOLD... And man, I love the look of this record. One of Flingco's signature moves is top-notch, high end packaging for their vinyl releases, and that standard continues with Eurostopodus Argus//Crypsis, which comes in a black cardstock sleeve with black-on-black printing, the 7" inside of an off-white matte 7" sleeve with white-on-white printing, a small glossy insert card, the digital download insert, both records pressed on thick black vinyl, and the whole deal held together with another one of these oversized yellow obi-like cards that has the track listing printed in legible English (since the abstract black-inked lettering on the actual record jacket is almost impossible to decipher). Flingco's approach to presentation is positioning them as one of the best high-end vinyl labels in the extreme music underground, methinks.
Crucial Blast September 2009

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