Cristal: Re-Ups LP

    Cristal: Re-Ups LP

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  • Artist: Cristal
    Label: Flingco
    Cat No: FSS003LP

Cristal use computers to mutate and stretch sound spectra into long forms balanced against tenuous, implied melodies. Re-Ups is the trio's first FSS release, available on 180 gram vinyl in a gatefold sleeve and as a Digital Album. In the album the barely perceptible abuts the overwhelming. Placid soundfields are lacerated with incisions of digital fragments and static on the opening track. Sonic reductions boil and release evaporate melodies on the track "Xicifu" and then are decimated by the scouring noise of "Left of Swept"

An altogether different kind of heaviness.
Signal to Noise

This isn't an album that shouts at you -- rather it creeps up behind you, tickles your left shoulder and then blames the embarrassed stranger. Give it a home and give it time, you'll be inviting Cristal back again and again, just don't play it too loud.
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"Stars, Hide Your Fires" by Clayton Flynn/ Cristal from Flingco Sound System on Vimeo.

Cristal "SpectralMoon/ Xicifu" by Clayton Flynn from Flingco Sound System on Vimeo.

Metta Avici from Flingco Sound System on Vimeo.

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