Bola: D.E.G. CD

Skam Records present the return of Bola. After ten long years hidden away in the hills, huddled in the Bolamachine -- at long last Bola awakens, delivering an album of power, elegance, and beauty... All tracks composed and performed by Bola. "Kappafe more info

Keiji Haino & Sumac: Keep Facing Sideways, You're Too Hideous To Look At Face On CD

Japan’s fearless multi-instrumentalist and cultural provocateur Keiji Haino has made a career out of his free-form musical improvisations and diverse collaborations. Whether deconstructing American blues to a few rogue notes hanging across chasms o more info

Matthew Shipp: Zero 2CD

In the first part of his career, Matthew Shipp avoided solo recordings, saying he wasn't ready -- and the first solo album he made, Symbol Systems (1995), happened by accident when the other player on the session didn't show up. Since then, his style more info

Molecule: -22.7°C CD

Molecule returns with a new odyssey both physical and musical. Following the success of 60°43' Nord (BEC 5156067/5156476/5156477, 2015), his concept debut played, recorded, and mixed on a fishing boat during a 34-day journey in the Atlantic Ocean, t more info

Nordic Raga: Nordic Raga CD

Nordic Raga transverses two rich musical traditions with great sensitivity and musical virtuosity, seamlessly combining the improvisational qualities of South Indian music in the hands of violin maestro Jyotsna Srikanth with the traditions and sounds more info

Pyrolatrous: Teneral CD

Gilead Media is proud to continue our tradition of working with North America’s finest underground metal bands with New York City’s PYROLATROUS and their debut full-length TENERAL. It’s no secret that we’re partial to the flourishing NYC meta more info

Rafael Toral: Wave Field LP

An ambient guitar masterwork from 1995, first time EVER on vinyl. "It's hard to name another record made by anyone else in any decade since the advent of the electric guitar that has so successfully transmuted the rough energy and texture of rock wit more info

The Skull Defekts: The Skull Defekts CD

After thirteen years as one of the centerpieces of Sweden’s experimental rock scene The Skull Defekts return with their final, self-titled album. The Skull Defekts are known for merging the coarse vitality of punk with the ritualism of folk dances more info

Yoshimio / Susie Ibarra / Robert Aiki Aubrey Lowe: Flower of Sulphur CD

Flower of Sulphur is a transfixing piece of continuous improvisation from three experimental luminaries : multi-instrumentalist YoshimiO (Boredoms, OOIOO, SAICOBAB), internationally acclaimed percussionist Susie Ibarra, and artist Robert Aiki Aubrey more info

Yoshio Machida: Tender Blues CD

Meditative Ambient Blues. Japanese Steelpan player and composer Yoshio Machida's 11th solo album. 6 pieces by only metal slit drum, with theme "tenderness". Like his past solo Steelpan albums "Naada (2006)" and "Steelpan Improvisation Series [i] and more info

Francisco Meirino & Bruno Duplant: Dedans / Dehors CD

As with Luc Ferrari, it is an assemblage of recorded sequences in which we recognize a succession of various events and we reconstruct in our imaginary a possible narrative that may have been at the origin of these sounds. This is not the sound lands more info

Haarvol, Jos Smolders & Machinfabriek: Dream Sequences Volume 1: Orphax reframed CD

This compilation is the first in a new series where other musicians are inspired by and reinterpret the music of Orphax; and more specifically, his Dream Sequence series. Dream Sequences is a continuous series of experimental ambient / drone pieces w more info

Masayuki Imanishi: Worn Tape CD

After several previous albums and collaborations with musicians such as Leif Elggren, Kouhei Matsunaga, Vampillia and The Body, with Worn Tape Japanese musician Masayuki Imanishi presents his first work for Moving Furniture Records. On this album he more info

Michael Winter: Lower Limit CD

"The immersive sonic textures that characterize Michael Winter's (b. 1980) music are crafted from comprehensive lists of data, with each composition encompassing a musical question that is addressed algorithmically. A performance lasts for as long as more info

Pauline Oliveros: Electronic Works 1965-1966 CD

"1 Of IV" and "Big Mother Is Watching You" were both made in the summer of 1966 at the University of Toronto Electronic Music Studio. "1 Of IV" was previously released in 1967, on Odyssey, alongside works by 2 other young composers - "Come out" by St more info

Zeno van den Broek: Paranon CD

Paranon consists of two compositions based on parameter canons of sine wave generators. The canon is a counterpoint-based compositional technique that creates one or more imitations of a musical movement after a given duration. These imitations repli more info

Agencement: Six Juxtaposed Works CD

Six Juxtaposed Works is the first release by Japanese artist Hideaki Shimada, aka Agencement, since 2001. Six Juxtaposed Works presents new pieces for violin, viola, cello, electronics, and tape. Performed and recorded between 2013 and 2017. Shimada more info

Joshua Abrams And Natural Information Society: Simultonality CD

Repressed. CD release of the follow-up to Joshua Abrams's critically acclaimed 2015 album Magnetoception. Credited to Joshua Abrams & Natural Information Society (NIS), this the first recording in the project's four-album history made by a regularly more info

Kaspar Konig: Domesticated Wind CD

Recorded at the Wind tunnel Facility of the Research Focus in Transdisciplinarities at Zurich University of the Arts. Idea, realization, and photography: Kaspar König. Wind tunnel operator: Sourgiadaki Eirini. more info

Mario De Vega: Smells Like Teen Spirit CD

Smells Like Teen Spirit is premised in a haptic interrogation of each of the label's previous editions. Berlin-based and Mexico City-born multi-disciplinary artist Mario de Vega occupied the gallery space of Rumpsti Pumsti (Musik) for three consecuti more info

Aaron Martin & Machinefabriek: Seeker CD

Originally conceived for the Korzo production Hide and Seek by choreographer Iván Pérez. Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek): In 2012, choreographer Iván Pérez asked me to work on a score for a dance piece of his called "Hide And Seek" in collabor more info

Aaron Martin: A Room Now Empty CD

Aaron Martin’s album A Room Now Empty sees him returning to the memory-based recordings of previous albums such as Almond , River Water and Chautauqua , where layered meanings in the music and titles don’t allow a single clear-cut reading of the more info

Cavern Of Anti-Matter: Hormone Lemonade CD

Cavern Of Anti-Matter return for their third studio album on their own Duophonic label. Hormone Lemonade sees the band heavily utilizing the sounds of modular synths and home built drum machines, yet still keeping the loose, improvised sound familiar more info

Gas: Narkopop CD

In the body of work of Cologne artist Wolfgang Voigt - who, like few others, has informed, shaped and influenced the world of electronic music with countless different projects since the early 1990s - Gas stands out in particular, a saturnine sound c more info

Giuseppe Ielasi: Even When They Speak Of Space CD

music for whistling, microphone and digital degradation. recorded in november 2016 and august 2017. to be played at low volume. more info

Ian Hawgood + Danny Norbury: Faintly Recollected CD

The first collaborative release by Ian Hawgood and Danny Norbury. Some might be very surprised that this is their first release as they've been friends and long-time collaborators for many years. Faintly Recollected is an original single long track ( more info

K. Leimer: Imposed Order / Imposed Absence (Remastered + Expanded) 2CD

"The first phase of K. Leimer's recorded work began in 1972 with the production of the Grey Cows cassette and culminated in 1983 with the release of Imposed Order. Though work seemingly stopped following the release of I/O, Leimer continued to record more info

Kelly Moran: Bloodroot CD

What music would Erik Satie be making in 2017? And if you were organizing a record store, where would you file his new records? Should he be in Classical with Mozart and company? Or would you place his work alongside Philip Glass, Eno, the Masters Mu more info

Lea Bertucci: Metal Aether CD

We're excited to welcome New York City-based composer and performer Lea Bertucci back to NNA for a brand new full-length, ‘Metal Aether.' Lea's early 2017 cassette release ‘All That Is Solid Melts Into Air' focused on her role as a composer, with more info

Machinefabriek: BECOMING CD

BECOMING is the fourth dance piece by Dutch/Spanish choreographer Iván Pérez to feature an original soundtrack by Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek). After ‘Hide & Seek’, ‘Attention the doors are closing’, and ‘Exhausting Space’, the du more info

My Home, Sinking: King of Corns CD

After the melancholic winter views of Coniglio's previous albums, the folk guitar and harmonica of King of Corns leans to a bucolic scenario that brings with it the feel of a tragedy. The Laughing Stock feel of "Bird's Eye", where the piano of Elisa more info

Roscoe Mitchell & Matthew Shipp: Accelerated Projection CD

"Roscoe Mitchell / Matthew Shipp - Accelerated Projection - Roscoe Mitchell (alto and soprano saxophones, flute), Matthew Shipp (piano)" more info

Rutger Zuydervelt with Ilia Belorukov and René Aquarius: The Red Soul CD

After making several films without music, director Jessica Gorter went for a different approach for her recent film ‘The Red Soul’. Rutger Zuydervelt (aka Machinefabriek) was brought in to make the soundtrack for the documentary. They quickly agr more info

Rutger Zuydervelt: Astroneer (Original Game Soundtrack) Volume 2 CD

Rutger Zuydervelt: Since the succesful launch of the sci-fi adventure game Astroneer, the developers at System Era tworked hard on making the game better, and expanding it. And with this expansion, a whole lot of additional music was needed. Of the 5 more info

Seth Graham: Gasp CD

Gasp is constructed to sound like a digital blob of classical music with no obligation, testing the limits of both classical structure, modern technology, and unconscious obligation to the listener. By stretching the emotional gamut to inspire lively more info

Third Coast Ensemble: Wrecks CD

"Third Coast Ensemble - Wrecks - Rob Mazurek (cornet, composition, direction), Christophe Rocher (clarinet, bass clarinet), Steve Berry (trombone), Christofer Bjurström (piano), Frédéric B. Briet (double bass), Philippe Champion (trumpet), Lou Mal more info

3/4hadbeeneliminated: Oblivion CD

This is the fourth album and long-awaited return of Italian quartet 3/4HadBeenEliminated. The group (guitarist/double bassist Stefano Pilia, turntablist/sound assembler Claudio Rocchetti, tape manipulator/vocalist/guitarist Valerio Tricoli and percus more info

7k Oaks: Entelechy CD

This is the second full-length album by the experimental/free-jazz quartet 7k Oaks, live-recorded in concert at the InterAct Festival in Hasselt. This new release is at the same time a confirmation of their musical background as well as an exploratio more info

Af Ursin: Aura Legato CD

Blackest Ever Black presents the first CD edition of Af Ursin's 2005 masterpiece Aura Legato. Af Ursin is the alter ego of Finnish autodidact composer/improviser Timo van Luijk. His work is rooted in the use of acoustic instruments (wind, percussion, more info

Agostino Di Scipio/John Cage: Musical Sculptures and Other Devices CD

A sonic journey into John Cage and surroundings by renowned Italian composer Agostino di Scipio and his talented students. On December 9th, 2012, upon invitation from the Associazione Scarlatti, Agostino di Scipio and his students at the San Pietro a more info