Eternal Garb: Pharma Cassette

"PHARMA" is the sound of an artist grappling with a horrendous drug epidemic in his home state. An instrumental, electronic album that Zach Ryalls, who plays under the moniker Eternal Garb, used to process his feelings through abstract musical expressions. The album will be released by Floordoor Records August 2nd, 2017 on limited edition cassette and digitally. "While writing and recording this album I was thinking a lot about my hometown and West Virginia's ongoing opioid crisis. Like so many others in the area, I lost family to overdose, saw loved ones sent to prison, and heard the countless stories of the tragedy of neighbors. So these songs were made with a heavy heart for a distressed community and were, at times, an outlet for my own frustrations," says Ryalls. This is his project's debut physical release, a continuation of the schizophrenic, guitar-laden electronics of previous Eternal Garb albums, but with a new focus on emotional content and a cohesive sound world. That such hopeful music can come from such familial and communal tragedy is inspiring, for "PHARMA" keeps us engaged and questioning, sometimes even distressed, but ultimately soothed and bathed in rhythm and light. The album is alive with primitive electronic beats, the confounding sounds of disjointed hip hop influences, and ghostly, humming clouds of synthesizer. Oddly funky grooves support incredibly lush songs with spacey, clattering compositions. The always chattering, bubbling, and stuttering electronics persistently move us forward with surprisingly concise structures. The music is reminiscent of the more playful, melodic strains of vaporwave, yet with an elusive physic weight - a kind of meditative experience. Flying Lotus, Tortoise, and Brian Eno's more percussive, experimental work comes to mind. Multi-instrumentalist Ryalls was a founding member of Afuche (Cuneiform Records), and A Bunch of Dead People. His former solo project was the obsessively prolific Mink Shoals. He is the drummer and co-composer for the instrumental quintet Supplier. He recently relocated from Brooklyn to Asheville, North Carolina, where he continues to collaborate with others long-distance, making occasional trips to New York to perform live. Ryalls has also contributed idiosyncratic guitar to multiple Public Speaking records, as well as their collaborative digital album as Arrays.