Yuki Aida: Songbook CD

    Yuki Aida: Songbook CD

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  • Artist: Yuki Aida
    Label: Murmur
    Cat No: MMR007CD

Composer, guitarist and Murmur owner Yuki Aida presents Songbook, a whimsically melancholy collaboration with guitarist Jake (a.k.a.cloudchair). Jake, known for his beautifully versatile approach to tonality, supplies the precise amount of color to composer Yuki Aida's atmospheric tensions and thought provoking field recordings. In A House Is Not A Home, the final track of this 5-part journey, Jake's soothing mid-range vibraphone is a perfectly juxtaposed, emotionally-wizened charge, to the vibrant timbre of a child's laughter floating underneath the soaring grace of a bird's sugarcane-sweet melody. And a train, with its symbolic wanderlust for knowledge and experience, passes through the rays of sunlight to cast a silhouette on the horizon.??Murmur Record's Emi Aida created the exquisite design and photography. Audio mastering for Songbook was under the direction of legendary sound artist Taylor Deupree.

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