Various: 1 | Favourite Places CD

    Various: 1 | Favourite Places CD

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  • Artist: Various
    Label: Audiobulb
    Cat No: AB016CD

Through audio, images and written word ten artists depict their favourite places in the world. This is an unique CD delivering a deeply personal viewpoint on the world in which we inhabit. Explore the world of Favourite Places via the new interactive website. World, continent and specific artist locations are plotted on a map allowing you to discover the places close to each artist's sense of being.

Taylor Deupree - 6 a.m.
Dot Tape Dot - Shower Time & Glockenspiel
Claudia - In Case There Is An Emergency
Biosphere - Tranoy Lighthouse
John Kannenberg - The Mausoleum Of All Hope And Desire
RF Featuring Midori Hirano - A Place For Saving
Aaron Ximm - Chai In The City Of Light
Build - Untitled
Leafcutter John - Guitar Composed
Nomad Palace - Northern