Urpf Lanze/Edgar Wappenhalter/Hellvete: Split EP CD

Just before leaving on a joint european tour in april 2011, Urpf Lanze, Edgar Wappenhalter and Hellvete each contributed one song for this compilation, clocking off just under half an hour. This is not one of the hastily homeburned cdr, but a document that is made to last longer than the tour. A coherent work, with three quite different artists contributing some of their best material thusfar. This ep is limited to 200 copies. comes in a 3- panel foldout sleeve, accompanied by a tourposter.

The Urpf Lanze is the alter ego of Wouter Vanhaelemeesch, who is known as one of the people behind the audioMER and Smeraldina-Rima labels, and as a visual artist with a very distinctive style, also shown on this cd. The Urpf Lanze brings primitive outsiderfolk from a lonely spacecottage that consists of indecipherable moaning and hollering accompanied by a detuned guitar played on the lap. Influences range from Portal to Bill Orcutt, Peg Leg Howell to Paul Metzger... The track on this ep is Wouter's first release - a full length record is scheduled for release on Jozef Van Wissem's Incunabulum imprint.

When Edgar Wappenhalter released his debut LP 'On the beach', reactions were quite overwhelming. The first pressing of the album was gone in a week, and the second pressing didn't last too long either. Steve Marreyt's mix of reverb-drenched folksongs and dreamy shoegaze obviously hit a soft spot. The track he contributes here mixes both: the first part 'Unknown men' is one of those more pop-oriented song and often served as the core of his live-shows. The second part shows his unique ability to make ecstatic tapeloop-experiments.

Hellvete is a member of psych outfit Sylvester Anfang II and and one of the 3 founders of the Funeral Folk label. For his solo work he draws influences from old folk music, minimalism and drones to make hypnotic ballads that guide you to the outskirts of your mind. After a string of tapes and cd-r's he released his first solo album "De Gek" on the Belgian Kraak label in 2009. If you want your brain fried, he's your man!