Tsa: Home of The Green Wave LP

    Tsa: Home of The Green Wave LP

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  • Artist: Tsa
    Label: Natural Law
    Cat No: TSA001LP

Obscure record, unknown supply chain. David Tibet/C93 is a big fan and has referenced Simon Finn's Pass The Distance as a comparison. Described by a blogger on the internet as:

"A voice that will send a chill down your spine, music that will put you instantly under its spell, lyrics that are by turns cryptic, religious, personal, humorous, disturbing and pleading. Since the late 1990s a mysterious artist has been quietly releasing some of the greatest works of modern downer-folk-psych under a variety of assumed names..." --http://rojvi.blogspot.com

"We are very pleased to share this recent private press out of Chicago by a shadowy figure who has been working anonymously for damn near two decades. His records trace the outline of a truth never fully revealed. Past releases include Terry Rojvi, Jim Collins Music Performed by the High Mass, Tommy Roundtree Jungle Blood and many equally mysterious LPs, 45s and lathe cuts. Much more detailed info and complete discography on the fansite Rabbit Run Down the Hole of a Skull. Due to the artist's bizarre distribution methods (packages with no return address, Goodwill dumps, etc), copies of previous titles have changed hands right off the bat for over $100, but we have managed to unearth enough of this new one to let them loose for non-collector prices."

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