Tomas Dvorak: Samorost 2 CD/Game

    Tomas Dvorak: Samorost 2 CD/Game

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  • Artist: Tomas Dvorak
    Label: Quazi Delict
    Cat No: MIN-QDR008CD

Welcome to the fantastic world of mingling old with new, artificial with natural, reality with dream. You are expected to enjoy big adventure full of unexpected situations, you are going to come upon a number of bizarre beings, at that all with smile on your face all the time. Moreover there is a lovely soundtrack composed by one and only Tomas Dvorak aka Floex. Samorost2 is all that and much more. For all those feeling safe in the strict world of definitions we can reveal this is a rare computer game following up the scent of cult first volume. To avoid misunderstanding right at the beginning striving not to frighten implacable game-deniers it is necessary to suggest this one is slightly different. Samorost2 is ready to carry away the both school-kids, their parents and grandpa too. The name of Samorost's originator is Jakub Dvorsky. Initially the young Brno-native designer was searching a right form to his thesis: "When I was approaching to final stage of my studies on Arts and Crafts School and started thinking about my dissertation I have immediately come on the idea to venture on some interactive work unlike other students embarking on short movies. Finally it was kind of experimental click game having come of all my consideration. The only straight inspiration was drawn from various forestall nooks including dozy tree stumps covered with moss suggestive of rugged microuniverses." In 2003 Jakub founds Amanita Design studio as a base for designing party flyers, illustrations and websites but develops several custommade flash animations plus one music video too. His original dissertation whose cardinal levels have been placed on web becomes his most successful piece though. "I have got a very positive response from people of all age groups from all over the world. I wonder that Samorost is so favored by both common game players, for those this is far too short and simple bit though, and people who do not seek computer games at all or even hate them. Moreover there are certain individuals thinking of Samorost as art so that we could take a chance to present it at several expositions." Indeed – the game in quite a short time flied round the globe literally and decorated numerous exhibitions and shows – f.i. in Tokyo, Melbourne, Montreal and Sao Paulo. It standed as a nominee for Top Talent Awards in Vienna and Webby Award 2004. In 2005 Jakub invites in his old school-mate Vaclav Blin as a second member of Amanita Design and together they start to work on Samorost that lasts one year. However Jakub Dvorsky who is not much into contemporary 3-D games is satisfied: "The animation is much smarter thank to Vaclav and the game is provided with stunning original music. Generally volume 2 is much more well-considered and followed-through."

Audio segment of the CD is definitely worth to mention too. The original soundtrack on Samorost2 was written by no one else than Tomas Dvorak aka Floex who came out with his stunning debut album titled Pocustone released by Quazi Delict Records in 2001 – need to throw in that the release turned out to be absolutely essential for Czech modern electronic scene. Tomas ornamented Samorost2 with various weird sounds and composed music that was smoothly in tune with overall concept. What is the point? Tomas explains: "The first of all it was necessary to create short music forms – sort of background loops. In relatively short time I could make a few sketches and when they did not work I have chosen different way and again when they happened I have started to feel good feedback for more different sketches that could be thrown at once. Finally I was putting together entire audio soundtrack, when songs more or less came out from the particular loops. I have learned to approach the composing process in non-linear manner, working on several different songs at a time, giving up to work like a beaver until certain track is perfectly finished and changing the system of proceeding not necessarily from A to Z but entering the middle of the composition first. Samorost2 soundtrack is very ambient, scenographic and listen-friendly. It is kind of fairy tale for a new generation."

In spite of the fact that Samorost2 has not cooled off properly yet it succeeded to sparkle at several presentations. Let us mention a few expositions, festivals and awards:
Imprese exposition, Galerie Rudolfinum, Prague, Czech Republic, 2005
FILE festival, Sao Paulo, Brazil, 2005
Zoom festival, Brno, Czech Republic, 2005
MINE Digital Art festival, Denmark, 2005
Datatransfer festival, Prague, Czech Republic, 2006
Internet Tiny Awards – site of the month
HOW magazine – Top 10 (April 2006)
Adventure Gamers Online – 4.5 stars from 5
The CD contains the both variants (PC and Mac) of full version of the game. Samorost2 is out now on Quazi Delict Records with kind permission of Amanita Design.