The Human Elephant: White Thunder LP

White Thunder, the newest release from The Human Elephant (John Edward Donald), combines previously released digital tracks and new songs to create an album that emanates pensive irony and heartfelt rock and roll, resulting in a compelling debut. Released on Umor Rex Records, White Thunder showcases John Edward Donald's droll literary wit and deadpan delivery in a series of tensions and contrasts set against the warm musicality of his sixties folk ideology. Each song conveys a ruthlessness of declaration simultaneously calling upon the belief and power of punk ideals and the unplugged violence and confrontation of sixties folk. The innovative rerecording of Joy Division's Ceremony pays homage to a major artistic influence, while maintaining an independence of thought and style that carries through the album in entirety. White Thunder showcases Donald's ability as a songwriter and his work with various musicians and producers like Bernd Jestram (Tarwater), Dan Hayhurst (Sculpture) or Dirk Dresselhaus (SchneiderTM). Some songs grab the listener from the first note, while others shyly flirt until their audience is captive. The Human Elephant will quickly make its way onto your playlists and mixtapes. A wise, noble beast like this one deserves to be heard.