Roberto Cacciapaglia: The Ann Steel Album LP+CD
PREORDER: Estimated arrival around 01/19/2018

Mirumir presents The Ann Steel Album, a reissue of an album of Roberto Cacciapaglia compositions sung by Ann Steel, originally released in 1979 as a self-titled album credited to Steel. "So who are Roberto Cacciapaglia and Ann Steel? The former is an Italian musician who specialized in electronic composition after starting his career in the early 1970s on the edges of the krautrock scene. The latter is a Michigan-bred singer who spun into Cacciapaglia's orbit during a trip to Italy in the 1970s to do some modeling. The Ann Steel Album is the one-off result of that happy accident, a record so full of joy that it's a surprise they weren't tempted to go back for another bite once it was in the can. But it's a credit to both of them that they knew when to stop, perhaps feeling that the sugary pop perfection of these recordings could never be replicated. There's a clunky charm to many of the synth sounds, most of which influenced bands like Stereolab and the perennially underrated Pram in future years; Steel even has a strain to her voice that's reminiscent of Pram singer Rosie Cuckston" --Pitchfork. This reissue is presented on LP with CD included, and features two bonus tracks and an insert with lyrics. Remastered at Glance Studio.

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