Pascal Savy: Disclocations CD

    Pascal Savy: Disclocations CD

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  • Artist: Pascal Savy
    Label: Experimedia
    Cat No: EXP202CD

Glass mastered replicated disc in matte jacket. Includes bandcamp download code for up to 24bit/48khz HD audio files. Available digitally via

For each purchase 10 trees will be planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in an effort to offset the environmental footprint of this CD. Eden Projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

Slowly filling the room like a billowing miasma, Experimedia is pleased to present 'Dislocations' – an ambitious set of new compositions from the London-based French drone auteur Pascal Savy. These are the artist's first proper recordings to come to light since the release of 'Adrift' via Eilean Rec. in 2014; but while 'Dislocations' seems to share a similar aesthetic to that album at first glance, Savy has fallen ever further down the rabbit hole in the intervening years.

Whereas our last offering – Matthias Urban's 'Passagen' – focused on the expressive potentialities presented through rigorous discipline and process, 'Dislocations' explores a more reactive and emotionally charged terrain.

Heavily influenced by the writings of Mark Fisher – specifically those found in 'Ghosts of My Life,' wherein Fisher lays out his notion of “the slow cancellation of the future" – the production of 'Dislocations' began as a pessimistic reflection on the subtle violence and disembodied forces of what Fisher terms “capitalist realism." Over time, the project would evolve to become more intimate in scope, providing a lens through which Savy could begin to deconstruct and integrate his own feelings of personal dislocation. Ultimately, however, 'Dislocations' would become the means through which he would find himself reconnecting with his art, his community, and sense of hope for the future.

What the listener receives from this process is a set of incredibly evocative recordings that occupies a rarefied space in the hinterland that falls between ambient, drone, and noise aesthetics. At times sounding like a recovered archive of lost transmissions from the front lines of late-period capitalism's collapse, 'Dislocations' exists as a shifting mass of knotted low-end, grayscale reverberations, and pale shades of melody.

All sounds by Pascal Savy
Mastering by Stephan Mathieu
Photography & design by Jeremy Bible
P & C 2018 Experimedia

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