Mukqs: ????? Cassette

Run of 125 Professionally Duplicated Cassettes - Chrome Plus Tape Full-color double-printed J Cards Purple tapes with black ink imprints

"His new record is even more groove-oriented, with the fullest, most pristine sound he has achieved yet. Like its predecessors, it was recorded live with no overdubs and no laptop. But heard in the context of a DJ set, you could easily mistake some of this stuff for the output of a self-identifying dance-music producer, rather than something with its roots in the noise scene. Take “?????,” a slowly evolving house excursion that rolls ahead at a textbook 120 beats per minute. The bass, fashioned from tuned toms, is chest-massagingly deep, and the snare and hi-hat programming is a marvel of efficiency. You can hear an echo of early-’90s releases on Aphex Twin’s Rephlex label in its elegant clockworks, while the new-age synths that spill over lumpy machine percussion, like a fogbank cascading over mountaintops, suggest the dreamy style currently emanating from Vancouver, B.C.


It’s an example of his balancing act at its most vertiginous—and its most thrilling. For now, anyway, Mukqs’ sweet spot is this relatively unexplored interzone where noise and groove collide." - Phillip Sherburne for Pitchfork