Matthias Urban: Passagen CD

Glass mastered replicated disc in matte jacket. Includes bandcamp download code for up to 24bit/48khz HD audio files. Available digitally via

For each purchase 10 trees will be planted by Eden Reforestation Projects in an effort to offset the environmental footprint of this CD. Eden Projects reduces extreme poverty and restores healthy forests by employing local villagers to plant millions of trees every year.

Experimedia is pleased to present 'Passagen' – an immense new work from the Austrian sound artist Matthias Urban.

Born in 1986 in the medieval Austrian city of Feldkirch, Urban has built up an impressive CV in recent years. His work has primarily explored the fusion of analog and digital processing techniques to generate a strikingly refined take on electroacoustic and concrète musical styles; but where past projects focused on the exploitation or recontextualization of environmental recordings, vintage tape recorders, experimental miking, and DSP systems, 'Passagen' dedicates itself solely to the rigorous exploration of cymbals and the resonant tonalities that reside within their humble structures.

The process behind these compositions was surprisingly simplistic: small springs with magnets were affixed to the outside of a cymbal, while an electromagnet placed nearby induced oscillations in the metal. Urban would then introduce rhythmic frequency patterns using software he developed in Pure Data – an open source programming language – to "play" these compositions. By manipulating frequency, amplitude, angle, and distance of the electromagnet, he found himself in control of a uniquely focused and expressive instrument. No additional processing required.

Taking cues from one of his favorite composers – Giacinto Scelsi – Urban found himself consumed by the purity of these experiments. Even though he was limited to a single tonal pitch, by focusing on the generation of overtones, loudness, and silence, he was able to construct an endlessly fascinating and focused body of sound works that are refreshingly void of pretense.

All sounds and photography by Matthias Urban
Design & mastering by Jeremy Bible
P & C 2018 Experimedia

Recorded 2017
Studies for cymbals
All sounds unprocessed

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