Lybes Dimem: Syncleft Chronem LP

    Lybes Dimem: Syncleft Chronem LP

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  • Artist: Lybes Dimem
    Label: SVS Records
    Cat No: SVS012LP

Lybes Dimem is a project by visual artist and musician Lukas Rehm. With a focus on digital sound design, elaborate beat structures, and the use of error, the music plays with cognitive phenomena and abstraction while maintaining an emotional refuge. Lybes Dimem is presented in formats ranging from spatial sound experiences to synesthetic shows complementing the auditive layers with visualizations of real-time data, computer graphics, and moving image. Lukas Rehm's installation art and compositions have been internationally presented and awarded with multiple emerging arts prices. Syncleft Chronem is the first album released by Lybes Dimem in both digital and vinyl format and accompanied by a moving image artwork. The title reflects the project's interest in the potential of difference, cognitive frictions, and exertion: sync = variability in the processing of auditive and visual signals, syncleft = the synaptic cleft, which is a crucial empty space in biological neural networks, chronem = the chroneme as a theoretical unit to measure the time of an articulated sound. Mathematically clean sounds juxtapose patterns and transitions familiar from the realm of organic acoustics. Multi-layered noise textures explore the simulated space. A temporary continuity is provided by percussive and melodic elements, right until the next escalation, eventually awaiting a concluding resolution. The visual language explores different phenomena and techniques of cognition inspired by the rhetorics of big science (computer graphics, discontinuity of material, pop cultural references). Both the moving image artwork and the graphic design of the release pay tribute to the multi-layered approach of the music. The design of the vinyl cover by studio uses subtractive color synthesis to interchange between abstract formality and representationalism. Syncleft Chronem is the first release by Lybes Dimem on SVS Records following a first encounter at the SVS residency at the 4D Spatial Sound Institute in Budapest.

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