Ljerke: Ljerke CD/DVD

    Ljerke: Ljerke CD/DVD

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  • Artist: Ljerke
    Label: Eilean
    Cat No: eilean036cd

Ljerke is :

Romke Kleefstra – guitar, effects
Sytze Pruiksma – percussion, dulcimer and guitar with effects
Alexander Rishaug – electronics
Hilde Marie Holsen – trumpet and effects
Michael Francis Duch - contrabass
Jan Kleefstra – poetry, voice
Marco Douma – video
Haraldur Karlsson – video

Ljerke is a multidisciplinary live project which took form in the Frisian landscape as as source of inspiration. The project includes some music artists from Netherlands (Romke Kleefstra, Jan Kleefstra, Sytze Pruiksma) and Norway (Alexander Rishaug, Hilde Marie Holsen, Michael Duch) completed with the video artists Marco Douma (NL) and Haraldur Karlsson from Iceland. A new project of live impro music, poetry and film, in the same context of former projects as Seeljocht (Piiptsjilling) and Skeylja (The Alvaret Ensemble).
It’s their first album studio.

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