Limited Liability Sounds: Surrounding Countryside CD

It was our reading of an American transcendentalist Henry David Thoreau's Walden, or Life in the Woods that inspired and encouraged us to create Surrounding Countryside. In the narrative the author himself reduces his interest in material economy for the sake of spiritual wealth and by his complete immersion in the world of nature he is able to free himself for study and thought. When not busy with his domestic chores, Thoreau committed himself passionately to observing and recording of the flora and fauna near Concord. He seemed to perceive nature as a fruitful source of excitement. I read Walden when I make my first professional field recordings and sound effects. Surrounding Countryside is an emotional experience I passed through on the outskirts of a big city where I spent a couple of hot summer days recording the world around me as it really is like. Limited Liability Sounds latest enthusiastic response to a fast-changing world of music is a cautious attempt to produce ambient music which is more of a reflection than interpretation of the natural world. I hope this latest record of LLS will be a real treat for all sojourners in civilized life.

Short review
This could be music for a thriller in cinema. Calm sounds on the one hand, and a somehow disturbing drones evoking a great atmosphere. Like walking through a foggy morning on a countryside near the sea. You never know what you will encounter next...always waiting for some terrible things to happen, but then: nothing... You hear birds singing: is there someone nearby watching you? You hear piano sounds accompanied by strange noises: what's out there? This is definitely music to listen to in total darkness. Sascha Stadlmeier

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