Kyle Bobby Dunn / Wayne Robert Thomas: KBD / WRT LP

*Limited edition cream colored vinyl.* Kyle Bobby Dunn's first physical release since 2014's And the Infinite Sadness is a warm, albeit compressed, sequel to that universally acclaimed 3xLP. In "The Searchers", the Canadian composer's sidelong composition is still set adrift in a sea of infinite nostalgia and reflections of past selves but with an ascending lightness that gleams at the contours of Dunn's most personal and affecting work. "The Searchers", named after the John Ford film, meditates on the way in which the imposing expansiveness of the American West worked upon the minds of its inhabitants who fought, lost and did terrible things to each other in their attempt to claim it. The West, like the slipstream of the course of events in a life, offers no resolution and shakes off any narrative that attempts to define it.

Wayne Robert Thomas is an Indianapolis based musician who composes drones like sculpting in wet cement, each movement turning slowly upwards while simultaneously being locked into time and space. His first appearance on vinyl, Wayne Robert Thomas's deeply felt composition "Voyevoda" utilizes processed electric guitar to fill all available space with lofty and spacious tones that lose nothing of their clarity as the float up to the rafters before settling back down to the nave. A stirring counterpoint Dunn's composition, "Voyevoda" keenly examines one's fidelity to unconquerable nostalgia.

Album art and layout by Dustin Bowen

Mastered by Jeremy Bible.

"Seeing the world through its near-perfect eyesight, the track never blurs or disintegrates as it ascends, and while the darker sound is made known through the lower register, it still manages to scale impressive heights. The tone has affected the colour of its eyes: they’re darker because of its lower leanings, and this helps to contrast and compliment the bright hilltops of ‘The Searchers’." - Fluid-Radio

"On “Voyevoda”, Thomas utilizes tones which are rich and thick but also completely malleable. The frequency range he paints in suggests a kind of slow-shifting shadowy earthiness that conjures images of both twilight and nighttime landscapes. The nocturnalness of “Voyevoda” bookends the sun-infused etherealness of Dunn’s piece nicely, creating an excellent balance between transcendental and corporeal elements." - Delusions of Adequacy

"Slow, billowing drones expand and uncurl upon themselves, a collective, cosmic breath that rises and falls with the patience and omnipotence of something unaffected by the limits of space and time, entire civilizations rising and falling with within the parameters of a single breath. Where The Searchers feels earthly and elemental, a study on the ethereality of time that is at least contained to the confines of our own worldly experiences, Voyevoda feels completely untethered, the concepts of gravity and weight made more and more meaningless with each swell acting as a sort of dropped counterweight," - Stone in Focus

"This is an excellent means to fill the room with foams of reverberating jangle and trails of melancholic dissolution. Kudos to Dunn and Thomas for not having recurred to tricks, preferring instead to focus on a single intention rendered explicit with tactful consciousness." - Massimo Ricci, Touching Extremes