Ilya Monosov: Vinyl Document #1 LP

    Ilya Monosov: Vinyl Document #1 LP

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  • Artist: Ilya Monosov
    Label: Elevator Bath
    Cat No: EEAOA010LP

Ilya Monosov's debut LP release, Vinyl Document #1, is a most surprising artifact. Conceptually the record focuses on sounds derived from broken or otherwise mistreated machines. This is not "glitch" music, however, in the (all too) common sense of the term. This is true sound experimentation with astonishingly beautiful results.

The LP's A-side showcases Ilya's magical, unadulterated organ-based recordings . While the B-side features a wonderful reworking of Ilya's recent catalogue by electronic composer Andrew Deutsch. Deutsch's unique interpretation includes accordion drones from none other than Pauline Oliveros, and hence, these three distinct performers come together, in essence, for a lovely, truly remarkable finale.

On black 180-gram vinyl with lovely black & white jackets in an edition of 400 copies.